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For the love of Don Chaninfinidi QX60 Almighty sail listed in October 22, 2016 at 2 pm, the Infiniti QX60 Infiniti 4S listed in the Dongchang shop. The new QX60 has 12 appearance upgrades, including the new LED line headlights new headlights styling, the new design of the front bumper, etc.. Added three kinds of body color also provides consumers with more personality choice. In addition, both spacious and comfortable and quiet and fresh inside the car space, upgrade the safety barrier system, efficient energy-saving hybrid systems, etc., are further enhanced the strength of the new QX60 products. Quietly waiting for the opening of the Infiniti QX60 to customers for the exquisite tea activities opening is hot dance lit the scene atmosphere Don Chaninfinidi sales director Mr. Tang Guohao and Don Chaninfinidi QX60’s first owner for the new QX60 opening     Dongchang Infiniti sales director Mr. Tang Guohao to introduce the new QX60     new Infiniti QX60 was upgraded in appearance. The new black mesh grille with chrome decorative material. The headlights are redesigned to shape a more narrow sharp, the bottom is equipped with the LED daytime driving lights. Front fog area with a new silver decorative frame. The tail of the new machine level sense, taillights group was adjusted, using LED light source. In addition, the new car will also increase the choice of three body color.   the interior, the new car uses four spoke multifunction steering wheel, console using multiple chrome embellishment material, and adding wood trim. QX60 dashboard is a package of soft material, lever style new design is more delicate. The new car is the standard electric panoramic sunroof, a key to open and close function, a set of automatic collision warning system and parking assist and support the positioning function.   power, the new QX60 will continue to be equipped with a 3.5L V6 naturally aspirated engine and a hybrid system, which is composed of 2.5L hybrid engine and motor components. Transmission, and the two power matching is the CVT transmission. In addition, the new QX60 models will be equipped with real-time system.   recommended dealer: Shanghai Dongchang Infiniti address: Baoshan District No. 600 Changjiang West Road Shanghai City Sales telephone: 400-068-1313 2336相关的主题文章: