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Samantha Ko Deng Zhiwei: good of others can develop it and asked if Deng Zhiwei (Chart) dating, Samantha Ko did not directly deny. Kate Tsui said don’t love dating with insider. Tony Wong (left), the "King" Chen Guoqiang, Le Yiling shell and Jing Wong, Wu Yu and Qian Guowei meet, will discuss cooperation plans? Sina entertainment news Beijing time on October 28th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Samantha Ko (micro-blog) and Kate Tsui has been with the shell King spread rumors, yesterday (October 27th) 3 people attended the press conference with the scene of the. Samantha Ko day before the publication of Never mind between clarification with Chen Guoqiang, she yesterday (October 27th) with each other with the field do not feel embarrassed, she said: "the whole thing is fake, did not happen. (does her boyfriend mind?) No, it is my mind, was wronged for many years." Samantha Ko issued a statement to clarify the mind being wronged, said this statement is to explain things, don’t want to influence her to find Mr. Right. Ask her not and Deng Zhiwei [micro-blog] dating? Samantha Ko did not directly deny that she proudly said: "do not know! (not in the development?) There are 4 people, and eat out, Chen Zhishen and song G [micro-blog] [micro-blog]. (that is, two pairs of lovers?) Is 4 people! Dating is very common, I have a big old, very normal, there will be good news to tell you know. (Deng Zhiwei Huai public relations?) Give some time, the appropriate time will say, in fact, can develop, he is a good man." Kate Tsui does not love the little meat Kate Tsui to show the cause of low cut line shows, high Haining slightly seductive sexy. She revealed that Wong Cho Lam [micro-blog] signed a company for 3 years, so a lot of time to stay in the mainland development; due to poor Mandarin, to work hard, colleagues told her not to speak english. As there is no known small meat? Kate Tsui said: "no, I don’t love insider! (usually contact bacon?) No, no exposure to small meat, work in the mainland back before, rarely seen in boys." (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: Weng Jun fishing)相关的主题文章: