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Samsung Note 7 why the explosion? – Sohu technology by multinational aviation authorities and airlines flight ban issued in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for battery explosion, emergency recall 2 million 500 thousand Samsung mobile phone. In September 19th, suspected BNM version Note 7 explosion case has continuously exposed users purchased from Jingdong mall. In September 20th, a netizen himself in September 2nd for a home appliance store to buy a new type of 64GB Samsung Note 7 mobile phone, use half a month later, on the 19 day suddenly exploded, the whole machine solution such as rotten charcoal, fortunately no one was injured. On the evening of 19 Samsung said in a statement: "that the product damage is due to external heating, resulting in" 20 days, North Korea Daily reported, "China explosion Note 7 is consumer electromagnetic oven heating caused by"…… Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone explosion has become a bashing blurred rashomon. So, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion why? The North Korean daily claimed that "China’s explosion Note 7 is the consumer caused by the induction cooker heating" is justified? What are the reasons for the Samsung SDI battery explosion? According to media reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall due to the fact that in the mobile phone, because the diaphragm is defective, the battery can not touch each other originally Yin and Yang contact together, short circuit, causing the battery abnormal heating, and the final combustion and explosion. To resolve the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone since the beginning of the September were the cause of the explosion, it is necessary to understand the working principle of lithium batteries. Lithium is the chemical cycle of the smallest diameter of the active metal, due to the chemical properties of lithium is too lively, lithium metal exposure in the air, and oxygen will produce intense oxidation reaction. In order to enhance the safety and the voltage, the scientists used graphite and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate lithium storage materials. The lithium battery is mainly composed of anode, cathode, diaphragm and electrolyte. The cathode of lithium battery containing positively charged ions, such as lithium ion anode, on the contrary. During charging, the lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode; during the discharge, the lithium ions move in the opposite direction. Between the cathode and the anode is a chemical known as an electrolyte, which helps to move the ionic current. Direct contact with the two electrode of lithium battery can not, because when in contact with the two electrode, current can flow directly to the intermediate electrode electrolyte rather than on both sides, which may cause sparks and even explode. It is precisely in order to prevent this from happening, the battery maker inserted into the membrane in the Yin and Yang, the performance of lithium battery separator directly influences the internal resistance of the battery, interface structure, capacity and cycle performance and security. In addition, in the process of high power discharge, such as in the use of mobile phone or mobile phone overheating fast charging lithium batteries overheating, the local temperature rise rapidly, when the temperature is close to the diaphragm starting melting point, thermal contraction leads to a positive and negative pole pieces getting closer.相关的主题文章: