Secret self enrollment fraud high school teacher introduced a student Commission 50 thousand (video)

Independent recruitment fraud secret: high school teacher introduced a student 50 thousand Commission recently, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, Nanhu District People’s court together by the Wuhan University (scores, professional settings) campus independent recruitment fraud. Prosecutors accused the defendant Lingmou 2010 ~2012 together with others for the relevant university diploma in defrauding 899 thousand yuan, 2012 ~2014, Lingmou, Lee to the so-called "Wuhan University independent recruitment" for the parents of 24 students in a total of about 4200000 yuan. According to investigators, more than 20 students parents believe that an important reason for 150 thousand yuan can take Wuhan University "regular undergraduate diploma" is that payment are carried out in Wuhan University college office or in the library of Wuhan University; part of the students live in the dormitory, with ordinary undergraduate school together; each year is charged 10 thousand yuan, 4000 yuan of tuition and accommodation. Why is this amazing fraud happening on campus? Why a few years after the incident? Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter launched an investigation and interview. High school teacher introduced a student to read Wuda Commission 50 thousand yuan in 2010, in the city of Jiaxing opened WIK Education Consulting Co. Ltd., Lingmou found at Jiaxing foreign language school and high school students of a high to produce relevant proof material, that can fix the Wuhan University and other colleges and universities, hoping to provide old classmates in University, but home is willing to pay the parents of the students information college. According to the high of a confession to the police, in 2011 after the college entrance examination, he put a call to the parents of the students surnamed Zhou lingmou. Lingmou together about 3 people for dinner and introduced into Wuda conditions and specific operational measures. Parents surnamed Zhou delivery thousands of yuan deposit to Wuhan University conducted a field survey. Later, parents of the tuition 150 thousand Yuan Zhou Lingmou paid a high, get 30 thousand yuan reward. Until 2013, a year after the high college entrance examination information part of the student’s name, home address, contact information and other college entrance examination scores for Lingmou, and successfully introduced Zhang Xu parents, parents of 3 families for the children of Wuhan University admission matters, royalty fees rose to 50 thousand yuan per student. Another student teacher Jiang to the investigators said, the high with the school teachers and their 5 class party, Lingmou to arrange students to earn a bachelor’s degree in Wuhan University second. They go to the office of nuclear Lingmou in real time, also saw a "Wuhan University" School of the undertaking, the 2013 college entrance examination results announced, parents pay for Lingmou, students go to school in Wuhan. A total of our parents, Jiang teacher surnamed Gu parents, parents of 4 people to Wang Xing Lingmou, the original agreement is 5000 yuan per student fee. However, when the transfer of the money to pay the 50 thousand yuan per student referral fee standards. Jiang teachers think that the transfer is wrong to ask Ling, get the answer is said so much". According to the police investigation, Jiaxing foreign language school, Jiang Ding, Tao, Zheng, Li, Wu, Liu, Gao etc. 8 teachers, and the school open, wo song teacher school teacher Xu light Lingmou together for the students. Some "cottage" and the students相关的主题文章: