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Select [picture] my father took me to see the universe – Sohu maternal family education books recommended parenting information please pay attention to my public number "Da Da – children’s books" (dldhb2018) Cong dad one can see to the stars of the night, only to see the beauty of a lifetime, also feel will remember for a lifetime love! Woolf’s dentist dad to take him to see the universe! In addition to the beautiful night sky, they will encounter what fun things? This depicts the relationship between father and son in the picture, beautiful illustrations and simple text, light shows belong to men and boys between the father and son. One day, my father took me to the universe. Because he thinks I’ve grown up. "Where is the universe?" I asked. "Oh, there’s a way out of here." Dad said, take off the dentist’s white coat, which accounted for a lot of small spray. "You should put on more clothes," said the mother. "It’s cold outside at night." How cold is the universe?" I asked. "263 degrees below zero." My father answered me. He put on his jacket, brown boots, wearing a black beret. I’ve got a pair of socks on my feet. We’re going to start, mom and we hug and say goodbye. She said, "don’t come back too late." We walk along the right wall. Dad took my hand, so I wouldn’t lose it. Father’s step is very big. And he likes to look up at the clouds when he walks. Dad always does, when he talks, white smoke comes out of his mouth. "This is called up," he said, "because the breath warmer than the air outside." "What is the universe?" I asked. "All the world." Dad said, "what is there, baby." We walked on until we knew the way to the left. "Where is it?" I pointed to the convenience store. "No," he said, "but we can go on a trip." "What is travel food?" I asked. "That’s what an outing needs." Father said. He was very clear about what to buy? "Get me a pack of gum." Father said to the salesman. "Do you want anything else?" The salesman asked, "we’re going to close." "No, that’s all." Father said. We walked for a long time, passing a park where I had been before, but the pool was closed. We passed the hardware store…… The fish shop is closed. It was dark. I asked my father, "is it coming?" My father asked me, "are you tired?" "Not tired." I said, "Yeah."…… I’m still tired." So my father blew the whistle, so we walked more easily. Whistling melodies to a cloud, in his black beret. We’re going to cross a ditch. Dad put me in his arms, so I wouldn’t get wet shoes and socks. "Now we’re almost there." Dad said.相关的主题文章: