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September shareholders less innovative high? Big data tell you not in Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple   Jianqian; recent reports about six months after the window period reported to shareholders of the listed company fierce reduction of the Securities Times reporter Yu Li appeared frequently, is this really the case? The Securities Times reporter query window period, the reduction of the regulations, found that the reduction of restrictions only to listed company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel, to include major shareholders, shareholders holdings limited basis was not found. In addition, the reduction of shareholders in September is also a lack of support for innovative high data. Securities Times · data statistics of the treasure every month this year of major shareholders, reducing the number of family and the reduction of the amount, this month a total of 104 listed companies, major shareholders holdings, total holdings amount 21 billion 200 million yuan, both the amount of reducing the number of family or underweight are not higher than the previous month. Although there is not a significant shareholder this month rumors said the reduction tide, but the monthly cash amount of more than 20 billion yuan, the current stock index sideways and under market sentiment negative impact. Who is in frequent reduction? Based on the change of equity as of the end of September, a total of 104 major shareholders of the company to reduce holdings, involving a total of 133 shareholders, the total reduction of record of the 225. The reduction is the most frequent electronic company, according to yesterday’s announcement, the controlling shareholder in September 7th through the cumulative reduction of block trading 10 times, the total number of holdings of 30 million 698 thousand shares, the total cash amount of 200 million yuan; followed by four kindax, respectively in September 7th, 12, issued 23 shareholders holdings of shares the announcement, the second largest shareholder of Systex Solutions (HK) Limited due to business development needs and demand for funds, this month for the 9 time reduction, the total cash amount of 230 million yuan, the shareholders also said do not rule out the possibility to continue to reduce its equity stake in the possible forms Syntron has in the next 12 months. Major shareholder of palm interested in science and technology, EPRI, Henghua technology, Jiai technology, health, science and technology company microgate also have more than 5 times to reduce record. It is worth mentioning that the 5 reduction in the wisdom of three records were held by the reduction of 5 different shareholders. According to the company announcement, 5 senior executives, including Chairman Tong Baohua in September 2nd through the trading collective holdings of 17 million 90 thousand shares, reducing the average price of 8.29 yuan, a total of 142 million yuan in cash, after this reduction, the executives said the years no reduction. Who won the September list of shareholders cash? September major shareholders accumulated cash 21 billion 200 million yuan, the average monthly reduction in the amount of the year. Specifically, a total of 54 major shareholders of the company this month to reduce the amount of more than one hundred million yuan, we can see that these shareholders do not have shot, a shot is a big cash. Holdings of the largest amount of energy in Yongtai, the controlling shareholder of the Yongtai group were on September 7th, on September 14th, respectively, through the block trading system in the continuous reduction of 542 million shares, the cumulative reduction of cash on the theory of the相关的主题文章: