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Seven Tian really preschool education 5 minutes impliedmethod was so magical – read carefully over the "maternal Sohu believe parents seven Tian Zhen 0-6 years of parenting" 5 minutes "implied law" is not strange, but for the novice mother, this is a completely new concept! Then seven times as we spread the magic of "5 minutes" suggestion! First of all, let’s talk about what is the five minute suggestion and the essential factor of the five minute suggestion. "Five minutes" is a method of treating people who have entered a dream sleep state by means of suggestion. In dream sleep, the eye will not stop in the eyelids to turn, if it is hinted at this time, these will suggest on the right brain function. The first time to seize the opportunity, there are mothers in the process when the child is not asleep, the mother at the beginning, the child sat up or opened his eyes. So be sure to wait for the child to fall asleep after five minutes. There are mothers with a flashlight to light the eyes of a child, this practice is not good. In fact, as long as we observe carefully will find that: the child’s eyes closed in the fast moving this is the signal. In order to ensure the implementation of the law of five minutes that effectively, we suggest that you each set of words (is to give them a detailed description of the content) should repeat at least a week or longer, not necessarily at night, the children fell asleep during the day can also be. This ensures that there are at least one or two times the corresponding time. 1 while touching the child’s body, while talking to the child. 2 in accordance with the following methods of the children said: "the mother feel, baby can sleep soundly. Close your eyes, don’t open your eyes, listen to your mother." 3 then said to the child: "now dream," and then say what needs to be implied. 4 finally must describe to go back to bed began to sleep. Five minutes according to the dark method needs to be immediately after the child fell asleep after five minutes. When the child was sleeping, his mother sat next to him, gently stroking his head, shoulders, back or forehead, and said to the child: "Mom touched you, you must feel very comfortable. You go to bed, wow! You are in a good mood and feel very comfortable. Eyes, more and more heavy, and slowly opened the. Had been asleep, in a good mood to sleep." Touching the child’s side of the body?. At this time, the child will be happy to sleep. The power of seduction for sleep. Whether or not to sleep in a happy mood, look at the eyelids will know. You’ll see the eyelids beating. At this time, the child entered the vision sleep (REM). Vision sleep Rapid EYe Movement abbreviation. When we see this phenomenon, we can see that the surface consciousness is asleep, but the deep consciousness is still awake. If you give hints at this time, you will have a significant effect. The meaning of sleep is very important. How to enter that? The children into REM sleep, how to give a hint? That can be divided into four parts: the 1 key implication of "baby had been asleep, but the mind is still awake, so can!相关的主题文章: