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Sexy hot! "Next door" gadot underwear company fragment Xiushen Sohu Gail Entertainment – gadot wearing underwear hot sexy Sohu entertainment news is slated for a November 8th release of the "next door" company today exposed a sexy fragment, "Wonder Woman" Gail – gadot neighbor tracking to underwear shop fitting room between the two women with the speech contest. Gadot wearing hot sexy underwear very provocative, together with Ella Fischer (as a woman works "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group") have to bear to look.     this is known as "the new version of the couple Smith," the agent of the film has a laugh, there are Yan values, as well as exciting action elements. From today’s exposure fragments, Gail – gadot and "mad men" Jon Hamm the yen value partner should in the film there will be a lot of people look forward to the "fun" plot, after watching the audience believe that couples will be very useful". Gail – gadot is Israeli actress, model, was elected in 2004 Israel miss, after "4" speed and passion in Gisele, entered the movies. 2016 starred in "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice" in the "Wonder Woman" popularity soared. Gail – gadot has the enviable hardbodies, especially a double suction eye of numerous big legs. Her appearance is Natalie – Portman, Kayla – Knightley Qingli, and Kelly, Taylor – sensitive card Swift sweet, and Candice – Siwannei Boer style charm, many boys in "sexy goddess". But Gail – gadot but said he did not want to do "vase", but saw his acting. She said: "people’s appearance is only auxiliary, it can not represent all. If you don’t read well, if you don’t play well, it’s no use looking good." In the "next door" in the company, she played a domineering female agent, had served in the army for her to show his good skill, she also revealed that the filming agents play particularly enjoyable, there are many dazzling action scenes in the movie, racing games also let her very excited. And gadot is the partner of "mad men" Jon Hamm, he is Hollywood’s most glamorous and handsome actor, won the Golden Globe Award, an Emmy Award for best actor. "Next door" company by popular drama "the newsroom" director Greg Mottola directed the film "my neighbor is spy story. With other large agents is different, "next door" company full of comedy humor, Zach – Gary Feian Nargis (works of "the hangover"), Ella Fischer (works of "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group") two people played a pair of ordinary couples contributed part of the comedy film.相关的主题文章: