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SFC: staff system in illegal stock trading all the top grid processing – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: Commission: staff system in illegal stock trading all the top grid processing Commission website people.com.cn October 10 Beijing Xinhua news shows, Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission recently held a full system clean government warning education meeting. Party secretary of the Commission, President Liu Shiyu in a speech warning education meeting, the Commission Party committee, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Commission of discipline inspection team leader Wang Huimin informed the Commission inspection disposal rectification case. The meeting noted that the Commission Party committees at all levels of the system, the Commission for Discipline Inspection to effectively carry out the two responsibilities, discipline and rules stand up, step by step conduction pressure. To further promote the "two a" learning education, continuously improve the system of Party members and comrades of the party spirit consciousness and sense of purpose, firmly establish the "four consciousness". In order to correct "four winds" "look back" as an opportunity, relaxation and endless pay close attention to the style of construction, continue to increase the intensity of supervision and discipline of accountability system, to create a good working atmosphere and political ecology. Strengthen the system of inner-party supervision, serious political life within the party system, and effectively play the role of Party organizations at all levels of the battle fort. Informed the meeting of the central inspection teams during the Commission and party patrol main problems discovered in the process of the system unit in recent years, individual cadres and relatives of illegal stock trading and disguising personal matters, Gongjusiyong, violation of public funds to travel abroad, to receive compensation, illegal violations exceed the standard to go abroad (border), office space exceed the standard in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, the commission system in violation of political discipline and organization of Party discipline and discipline typical case investigation. Related cases involving both will also involve the management of cadres, cadres and workers in general, the exposed part of the securities and futures regulatory system of Comrade discipline consciousness is not strong, weak party concept problem, once again that in the securities and futures regulatory system carry out the clean government and anti-corruption work of the importance and urgency, all cadres and workers must be from in the opposite of the typical draw profound lessons, loyal, clean officer. In view of the existing regulatory system of securities and futures regulators and their close relatives illegal stock trading, from the warning education conference held today, as long as the staff found within the system and close relatives have illegal stock trading, together, and together, are at the top of the grid, will not be tolerated. Each unit Party committee should pay close attention to the rectification, the processing, the cancellation of the account, and then found violations, to strictly pursue the main responsibility of the party committees. The participants have said, informed the meeting are very familiar with the people around, understand and feel more profound; informed of things, there is a lot of the past do not pay much attention to details, watch more direct, popular shock, feel the genuineness of Party committees and the Commission in the discipline inspection group to discipline and rules in front of it Zhuazao catch small, easily to blame. We said that the future must in mind alert and strict demands on themselves, from scratch, conscientiously carry out the "two a" learning education, discipline and resolutely defend the rules of the "bottom line", firmly establish the ideal aim of high standards, do a qualified securities supervision cadres)相关的主题文章: