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Shanghai hotel is a bed to sleep the whole camera woman was shot last October 19th, Ms Wang reflected, she stay in Ibis Jonkoping Hotel Shanghai Yu Garden, the next morning to find the room window installed a camera on the inside. According to the police extracted surveillance video display, the camera photographed Ms. Wang in the room wearing pajamas, sleeping pictures. Ibis Jonkoping Hotel Shanghai Yu Garden response, the installation of cameras for security considerations, the matter has been resolved by the parent company. Ms. Wang said that the wall of the window at the angle of the installation of surveillance cameras, directly into the room bed. In communication with the hotel, the other said that this is indeed the hotel installation, security. But Ms. Wang’s interpretation of the hotel will not be recognized, then the alarm. Ms. Wang said that the police to the hotel monitoring room extracted surveillance video. According to the surveillance video display, the camera clearly photographed Ms. Wang lived in the hotel wearing pajamas, sleeping and other scenarios. Ms. Wang believes that the above-mentioned violations of the hotel’s privacy, reputation. Ms. Wang’s lawyer said that the hotel installed a surveillance camera hotel indoor scene, monitoring room above any obligation to remind not know, obviously there is a serious management problem, and does not exclude the possibility of collusion with criminals, seek illegal interests by the video. In addition, the hotel after the incident, Ms. Wang refused to communicate and to shirk responsibility, Ms. Wang suffered against the serious consequences of the video spread to the Internet, and the victim of the monitoring camera long time since the installation of a wide range of social impact bad no clear understanding and any reflection. In this regard, Ms. Wang asked the hotel public apology, eliminate the impact, and its spiritual compensation. Yesterday, the Shanghai Yu Garden Ibis Jonkoping Hotel manager Cheng said in an interview, Yu Garden hotel is Accor Ibis Jonkoping Hotel franchise, the company name is Shanghai Yau Hotel Plaza Limited, for the installation of the camera, chengjingli explanation is in order to monitor the safety, but for the camera angle, it said it could not answer. Cheng said she did not know the specific circumstances of the matter, asked the reporter and the head office. Reporters call the Accor hotel group customer service, the person said, Chinese Ibis Jonkoping Hotel business at present has been handed over to the China Hotel Group, subsequently, the reporter contacted China live hotel group customer service, has said the reporter to reflect the situation to the relevant departments of the company, and will contact the reporter, but as of press time, the reporter does not receive reply.相关的主题文章: