Shanghai banking regulatory bureau the bank should terminate the cooperation with the illegal real e-luonv

Shanghai Banking Bureau: banks should be terminated with a real estate intermediary cooperation – illegal Sohu news Beijing News News (Li Yihui) in September 22nd, China CBRC Shanghai authority office issued the "notice", to further standardize the banking financial institutions and real estate intermediary business cooperation management. The "Circular" full name "Shanghai Banking Bureau office on further regulating the jurisdiction of commercial banks and real estate intermediary business management notice". The provisions of the commercial banks should strengthen cooperation on the real estate intermediary qualification, to provide or participate in providing the first payment, payment and other financing services for buyers; once manufactured fake mortgage, or the presence of other major credit flaw may endanger the safety of bank credit; issued without the written authorization of the property listings and real estate intermediary to conceal the mortgage affect the transaction information and availability of information is not required to release and removal of 5 violations, should cooperate with terminate immediately, and blacklisted by Shanghai banking association. Previously, the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau has jurisdiction of some commercial banks personal housing mortgage business audit investigation, and according to the survey results and related regulations, to suspend the jurisdiction of the commercial bank and the chain of home, from April 25th onwards the Pacific, I love my family, 6 home real estate intermediary company business cooperation for 1 months, 2 7 months of commercial banks loan business in violation of the entrusted payment request to suspend the individual housing loan business, and instructed the relevant personnel to internal accountability.相关的主题文章: