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Shanghai responded to the purchase of credit deal rumors didn’t study such policies – Shanghai Beijing recently broke the tightening of mortgage rumors, resulting in the property market turnover soared, as of yesterday, has three consecutive days turnover of more than 1000 sets. According to the present situation of the Shanghai property market, the industry believes that Shanghai has restarted the recognition of the housing and credit recognition policy does not exclude the intermediary for the purchase and stimulation of apocryphal, but the possibility of the second half of the credit tightening is very large. Recently, Shanghai tightened mortgage regulatory rumors broke out, the property market turnover soared, as of yesterday, has more than three sets of transactions for more than a thousand days. According to the Shanghai real estate trading center data yesterday, Shanghai Yishoufang signed 1066 units, while the previous two days of data were set and the 1056 sets. In August 28th, due to excessive flow, the Shanghai real estate trading center network system even once the fault. The rampant rumors of the occasion, last night, the Shanghai municipal government information office official micro-blog news, on the recent social credit deal on the purchase of rumors, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee made it clear that no such research will continue to strictly enforce the policy, issued in March 25th "on the further improvement of the city’s housing market system and security system to promote stable and healthy a number of opinions" development of the real estate market, maintain a stable and healthy development of the real estate market in Shanghai city. The phenomenon of the Shanghai property market tightening rumors detonated volume recently, the media quoted the sources said, the Shanghai municipal government recently held a meeting to consider the adjustment of land and housing policy, to curb the recent rise in house prices and land prices. Shanghai consider tightening bank lending policies to control land financing, while considering the adjustment of the purchase loan policy, the purchase of housing and credit recognition. Consider the policy adjustment also includes: the first suite Shoufu ratio increased to 50%, and all loans recorded first set Shoufu whether or two are 70%. Last week, the major real estate intermediary intimated to urge the customer try to finish in September 1st before the signing, because of the tightening of mortgage new deal or will come. For these rumors, the behavior of some developers in Shanghai no doubt to the market and poured a bucket of oil. According to local media reports in Shanghai, Shanghai, a real estate was originally planned to launch in August 27th 54 sets of fine decoration, but because of the recent Shanghai housing policy will be in early September a further tightening of the news, opened ahead of time to the morning of August 25th, the customer was temporarily informed in advance to the sales offices housing contract. Shanghai, a number of real estate to inform customers to catch up before September 1st signing. The fashion house crowd will detonate the property market turnover. Data show that the Yishoufang contract number began to rise sharply, August 24th Shanghai Yishoufang turnover of 778 sets, 918 sets of transactions in August 25th, August 26th, August 27th and August 29th 990 sets of transactions for three consecutive days over a thousand, are 1056 sets, 1267 sets and 1066 sets. Shanghai chain market research data show: August 22nd -8 month 28 days a week in the city of Shanghai commercial housing turnover is 555 thousand and 700 square meters, up 93.02%; the average transaction price of 43571 yuan per square meter, up 5.60%. cloud相关的主题文章: