Shanghai ten local cultural symbols, such as opera, released Huangpu Shikumen

Shanghai ten local cultural symbols, such as the Huangpu River, Shanghai released Shikumen selected recently, after the vote and expert review, the concern of the public cultural festival hundred local cultural symbols released. The Huangpu River, Shanghai Opera, Shikumen, Lu Xun, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Shanghai, Town God’s Temple, Yu Garden, a large venue, the Oriental Pearl, Xujiahui ten cultural symbols according to the number of votes was voted the Shanghai local cultural symbols. Behind the ten local cultural symbols, a ray of outline of the city’s nostalgia Township rhyme. Why Shanghai is called "Shanghai"? From the Mother River Huangpu river. According to Huang Yin Chu during the Warring States period to recoup this led the people to the north of Yangtze River dredging, port directly into a flood through the East China sea. From the river on both sides, not afraid of drought, live and work in peace. People appreciate Huang Xie Ende, the Yellow River called Xiejiang, referred to as Huangpu. Later, Huang Xie was named Prince Chunshen, is also known as Chunshengkan, so Shanghai referred to as "shanghai". On both sides of Huangpu meets Shanghai city landscape essence, the Bund, Lujiazui (Oriental Pearl) "the Shanghai" cultural landscape is across the river at the Huangpu River, with a source of drinking water, flood drainage, shipping, fishery and tourism value etc.. Shikumen building is the most distinctive features of Shanghai residential, produced in late nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, has been nearly 1.5 centuries of history, is the earliest Chinese City real estate forms. Chen Xiangming, director of global research center city and 31 American college said: "Shanghai from a small fishing village to the city of Shikumen made global connections, it has vivid, community public space texture, is Shanghai people’s collective memory." Consistent with this, this year the public cultural festival in Shanghai International Art Festival launched the "County Week" from October 22nd to October 30th in Pudong Century Park, Changning Zhongshan Park, dedication 16 wonderful characteristics of local cultural performances, the district will be of historical sites and landscape landmark, shanghai art, folk customs, local delicacy local cultural symbols skillfully into art, let the people enjoy the colorful culture of Shanghai region.相关的主题文章: