Shen four officially opened to traffic less than 1 hours to Tieling,

Shen four officially opened to traffic less than 1 hours to Tieling, Kaiyuan after a year and a half of waiting, Shen Expressway finally opened at 9:58 yesterday at the opening ceremony, the official opening of the 12! Tomorrow is the eleven holiday, for home in Tieling, Kaiyuan and other places or intend to travel to the north of the people, this is definitely a good news. Shen four high-speed walk, Shenyang to Tieling probably only about 25 minutes. To Changchun, Siping friends do not have to bypass the road, time can save at least half. A new road of 153 km, 8 lane design speed of 120 km from Shenyang to Siping Expressway south of Shenyang City, connected with the Shenyang freeway north of Shenyang, Shenbei New Area City, Tieling City, Tieling County, where the River District, Yinzhou District, economic development zone, Kaiyuan City, Changtu County, Jia Dian Zhen to the north of Mao (Liaoji circles), and Changchun Siping expressway. Line length of 153.086 km, the entire line of 8 lanes, the design speed of 120 km / h, the whole line of the size of the bridge set up a total of 269, culverts, toll stations, 9, service area of 4. B built the meaning from the traffic flow, which can meet the demand over the next 20 years as an important part of Shen four high-speed high-speed Jinghagaosu expansion, before, the average daily traffic volume of around 22 thousand vehicles, but the capacity expansion before the two-way 4 lane only at around 15 thousand. After the opening is expected, the average daily traffic can reach 28 thousand, or even close to 30 thousand, the end of the day can be used to reach the standard of 90 thousand vehicles, traffic flow from the point of view, to meet the needs of the next 20 years or longer. In addition, it is an important channel to Beijing, providing convenience for Tieling and Changtu in northern Liaoning and southern Jilin area residents, but also broaden the Shenyang Tieling economic corridor, accelerate the construction of various industrial parks and along the metro development, tourism resources development. C answering questions during the period eleven high-speed roads smooth Shen four on high speed service area, toll station what? Are all open? Eleven, what are the province’s high-speed road closed? Yesterday, the issue of concern for the public travel, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed Yang Hao, deputy general manager of Liaoning transportation construction investment Refco Group Ltd. Reporter: Shen four high-speed toll stations across the board? Several service areas? Answer: all 9 toll stations (Pu river toll station, qingshuitai toll station, Tieling South toll station, Tieling new toll station, Tieling toll station, Tieling North toll station, Kaiyuan toll station, Changtu toll station, Shuangmiaozi toll station). 4 service areas (Fort service area, Tieling service area, Kaiyuan service area, Changtu service area). Reporter: Eleven during the opening? Answer: Tieling toll station due to land acquisition and relocation and other reasons temporarily opened, expected 11 months late opening. In addition, the fort service area, Tieling service area (East) temporarily opened, is expected to open in August and September next year. Reporter: Tieling toll station does not open, if go to the city of Tieling how to get closer? Answer: from the Shenyang Beltway to Shen four high-speed to Tieling also 2 Yong相关的主题文章: