Shen Hongfei in Hangzhou at this bowl of ecstasy, hide in here – and Sohu

Shen Hongfei in Hangzhou at "this bowl of ecstasy, hide in here – and Sohu Hangzhou Kerry Center ramp, next to" three sisters "and" golden pig ", opened a popular business Hangzhou noodle shop, because the authentic taste, affordable, soon become the surrounding white-collar cafeteria. Delicacy large coffee Shen Hongfei also go to eat, still drying out micro-blog. Shen Ye said: "children do at the end of Sichuan, liver, kidney, intestine, shrimp fried toppings now, most is, figure two is actually the crackling hot mouth". Yes, here is the most traditional Hangzhou, some toppings will be alone in a small bowl, so you can avoid being old or odor bubble soup. Noodle bowl and Dongshan get "good canteen" boss is the same, "good canteen" although the reservoir is very deep, but often the brightest large coffee delicacy visit. Boss Ma Kunshan, 16 year old school kitchen, 19 years into the Hangzhou Yanan Hotel, the youngest chef in Hangzhou, many well-known hotel head are his classmates and alumni. Although the horse opened the restaurant 500 yuan per capita in Qiantang River cruises, open and play like a noodle shop, but he did not dare careless. To get the same line and Hangzhou noodle noodles, he kept the other 4 a.m. in front of noodle, asked to send surface coolie plant contact surface. A chowhound evaluation of the store: a noodle noodle taste, second price. The basic piece of Sichuan 15 yuan a bowl, put the material a little careless, the cheapest is 7 yuan shrimp wonton noodles, as long as 6 yuan, plus oil surface and are free of charge, please look at the price list of other large stamp.   相关的主题文章: