Shen Xiaoming ten years in the way from the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of education to do a pe cagliari exchange

Shen Xiaoming ten year political way: from the stem to the pediatrician Deputy Secretary Shen Xiaoming of the Ministry of education Shanghai Liberation Daily · observe message, approved by the central government, comrade Shen Xiaoming from members of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, office, Shen Xiaoming was appointed deputy party secretary of the Ministry of education. Prior to the afternoon of September 14th, held in Shanghai, Pudong New Area party and government cadres meeting, the Shanghai Municipal Committee, organization minister Xu Zezhou announced the decision. Shen Xiaoming no longer serve as the Shanghai Municipal Committee, standing committee, Party Secretary of Pudong New Area, from Shanghai, another appointment. On the day of the meeting, Shen Xiaoming expressed his love for the city of Shanghai. He said he was working in Shanghai after graduation, a few work experience are very happy, especially to work in Pudong for 40 months, is the most memorable years of passion in life". He said, leave the city made him unable to part, he will continue to concern and attention of Pudong. Statistics show that Shen Xiaoming was born in 1963, Zhejiang, Shangyu, MD, professor. The 53 year old official, in the long-term struggle in the field of health care, in the field of Pediatrics has many achievements. In 2006, Shen Xiaoming served as director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has, after the vice mayor of Shanghai City, Pudong New Area party secretary, municipal committee, Party Secretary of Pudong New Area and other positions, the road of politics is not long, but have been entrusted with the task, the official Deputy ministerial level. Past experience: 25 years in Zhejiang, 28 years in Shanghai, born in 1963, Shen Xiaoming has been studying early in the east of Zhejiang province. Shen Xiaoming was born in Zhejiang Province, Dongguan town of Shangyu county (now Shaoxing city Shangyu District, Dongguan Street). According to his own memories, he spent a good childhood and youth in the Yangtze river. Primary school, junior high school and high school in the local native schools, three schools in his home radius of several hundred meters. In the past, Shen Xiaoming 25 years in Zhejiang, in Shanghai in the past 28 years. Before 25 years old admitted to the Shanghai Second Medical University’s science doctoral student, Shen Xiaoming in Zhejiang attended Wenzhou Medical College for undergraduate and graduate students, after graduation assigned to the Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University as a resident doctor. Shen Xiaoming recalls, "at that time, the country is lack of trained with regularity pediatrician, I can only assume the double workload, waiting for the day to ensure that each patient can read. I have to see about 100 patients a day, struggling to support, exhausted". On the eve of this day, Shen Xiaoming in WeChat "Jinxiulu studio" published an article "my three" teacher, recalled his son read the graduate students majoring in the tutor Professor Huang Dashu at the Wenzhou Medical College in the Shanghai Second Medical University studying Pediatrics PhD student of Professor Guo Di, and he in the children’s Environmental Medicine Department of the affiliated Montefiore New York Medical College of Einstein medical center to do postdoctoral research at the "boss" John Rosen. Precisely coincide Shen Xiaoming three main study experience. On the choice of medicine, a pediatric specialist, Shen Xiaoming has revealed that the sister suffered serious developmental problems, the family often and often to a hospital for treatment, but in vain, "fear and overwhelming 7相关的主题文章: