Shenyang City, the introduction of community pension services industry standards and norms pension m-remonstrate

Shenyang City, the introduction of community endowment service industry standard pension market – Beijing new network in Shenyang in October 14, (Zhang Ying) the population aging in Liaoning province was significantly higher than the national average, and the aging trend is still accelerating. Therefore, the pension problem has been attached great importance by the government and the community wide concern, with the need to improve the ability and level of pension services, pension services industry standards also need to be standardized. In order to further standardize the pension services market, 14 joint association of Shenyang family service industry in Shenyang city of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau issued a Shenyang Family Service Industry Association standard (home) community maintenance services based service specification, the specification for community pension service (home). The new standard of community care services including the introduction of long-term care, care care, home care services for the elderly, there are specific indicators to follow. Zhang Jingyi, vice president of the Shenyang Family Service Association, the community pension service specification is the first release, from early to release after six months of time, from December 1st this year will be formally implemented. According to the latest data from the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of statistics, more than 60 years old household population has accounted for the city’s population of 23.7%, is expected to be the fastest next year, every one of the 4 Shenyang will have an elderly. Faced with such a large pension services market, and the level of Liaoning province and the family service industry needs to be improved, and before the endowment enterprise lack of discipline, "the home service industry started relatively low threshold, the quality of employees is not high, improve the quality of service is imminent." Zhang Jingyi said that the timely development of standards, norms of industry behavior is very necessary, the future of the province’s community and home care is expected to refer to the implementation of a unified standard. Shenyang Municipal Bureau of quality supervision standardization director Zhou Yan said that the community endowment service specification is the first release of the implementation of Shenyang city community and home-based care services agency will refer to this standard to provide services for the elderly, the government will be based on the standard method and group standard management approach, on the implementation of the standard to carry out spot checks, if found the violation of commitments will be carried out in accordance with the standard, big punishment. According to reports, the lack of domestic group standard in terms of pension services, the introduction of Shenyang city community endowment service specification standards to fill the domestic blank, the family pension industry to play a regulatory role in the establishment and. (end)相关的主题文章: