Shi Xiang Lu the most beautiful 600 meters is how to form Three generations of landscape engineers s-yvette yates

Shi Xiang Lu "the most beautiful 600 meters" is how to form? The three generation of secret garden engineers on the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Shi Xiang Lu crowded before the three generation scenic landscape Engineer in Shi Xianglu, many of the secrets revealed on the spot. It is reported that, after entering the current best viewing period, about 16 this month, after the number of 17, this is known as the most beautiful of the United States and the United States, 600 meters road will no longer beautiful. The trees are eating between rapeseed leaves night, Zijin Mountain scenic area adds several shades of color. Reporters saw yesterday, the road of Ginkgo stone like yellow, red maple tallow, American red oak, across the oceans have become red…… Rich gold, yellow, orange, red, covered with branches, forming a deciduous tree under the "carpet" were spread out, the most beautiful autumn already opened the curtain. "The stone road length of 615 meters, the original is bare, the wind blows on the sand," bureau of Zhongshan cemetery Garden Garden volume former Secretary Zhang Siping on 70s to this century work, can be said to look at Shi Xiang Lu from the "No one shows any interest in" to "tourists". He told reporters, before Shi Xiang Lu greening is not rich, autumn scenery is single, so in 1971 1972 they planted 98 ginkgo trees, let the autumn scenery "red and yellow". Zhang Siping said, on the tree stone like "eat" is not a general fertilizer, because in the past the road around the poor soil, especially when we find the rapeseed cake added to soil nutrition." In addition, in order to prevent pests and diseases, they also 24 hours of duty on these trees to ensure the growth of. If the tree spacing exactly 2.8 meters farther on the memories of the two strains of Zhongshan Cemetery Administration (Administration’s predecessor) captain Guo Xiaoyuan and the first original scenery of Li Changfu told reporters, the first is the Shi Xianglu tallow tree, so now they are especially beautiful tree, and sweetgum, ginkgo and juniper is finally "joined" the. Two elderly people have been more than and 80 years old, recalled the young pruning the past but talk rapidly. "All the trees planted on the road are from their own nursery base in Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum," they are proud of. Many people have seen, stone road, in addition to the symmetrical distribution of stone, even the trees are things, the North-South symmetry, causing this situation is artificial? Zhang Siping smiled and told reporters, "Shi Xiang Road to a total of 225 strains of colored leaf trees, east-west, two line spacing of 2.8 meters, this is deliberate determination," he said, this is in order not to affect each other growth, especially the Liquidambar vigorous, too close will not block tree. Jinling Evening News reporter on the fly.相关的主题文章: