Shopping malls in the construction of the tunnel collapsed 4 construction workers were not life-thre-rainism

The mall corridor construction collapsed in 4 construction workers were injured no danger – JINGWAH Beijing Times News (reporter Feng Huamei) yesterday around 4:15 in the afternoon, north ring Meikailong internal corridor collapse. According to the reporter, 4 construction workers were injured, no life-threatening. At present, the corridor is illegal construction and the cause of the accident is still under investigation. > > site construction in the corridor collapse witnesses Miss Zhang said that she was with his family in the city on the first floor of building materials Meikailong furniture, suddenly heard a loud noise, "thought the earthquake". Miss Zhang said, after a loud noise all ran out to see the outside of the corridor collapsed, many people crowded in the collapsed places, onlookers said that even under the porch usually delivery and courier staff rest under. Miss Zhang saw a construction workers fell from the corridor, the corridor after the collapse, a staff of the SF express escape from the corridor under. 5:20 yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene to see, the incident area has been cordoned off, the corridor connecting the two regional Meikailong a region and a two region, the corridor about three storey building. Even the middle part of the collapse of the corridor, up to a dozen meters, billboards scattered. Witnesses said the collapse of the corridor is secretly converted pedestrian corridor, before it is used for walking and pull goods aisle, steel structure material, screws. To the corridor into shops, has been in the construction of the last two months, the recent increase in the concrete, yesterday in the construction process, the corridor suddenly collapsed. The reporter saw in a Meikailong two shops, the glass door labeled corridor decoration tips, please bypass the door across the street is at one end of the corridor, the corridor piled on the construction tools and building materials, a mess. After the incident, Beijing fire, 120 emergency rescue personnel at the scene, rescued a total of 4 injured. It is understood that 6 pm, Chaoyang police fire brigade has signs of dogs and life detectors detection, search and rescue life. In addition, the scene to maintain the order of the staff, repeatedly moved out of the cordon. At 7:30 last night, the scene of pedestrians and vehicles are not only out. > > treatment of the injured were not life-threatening reporter from the 120 emergency center staff to understand, an injured were rushed to the nearby General Hospital of China Aviation. Last night, the reporter saw the injured in the hospital, his left leg was injured, wrapped bandages, the face is also wrapped gauze, still infusion, the injured in the family to help turn over. Medical staff said the injured for trauma, there is no risk of life. After understanding, the remaining three injured were rushed to the Qinghe emergency center 999, and fracture and trauma, no danger. 7:30 last night, the safety supervision department came to the scene, the corridor is the specific reasons for the accident and illegally built collapsed, is still under investigation. 8 last night, the Chaoyang District government issued briefing, the 28 day at 16:25 PM, the fire alarm, Meikailong laianying shops two floor corridor collapse. After receiving the report, Chaoyang District related to leadership and public security, fire, transportation, health, safety supervision.相关的主题文章: