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Sichuan decided to implement nine action   large-scale greening all Sichuan – Sichuan Channel – original title: Sichuan decided to implement the nine large-scale action of greening all Sichuan in September 29th, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Yin Li chaired the provincial government 130th executive meeting to study the deployment of large-scale greening all Sichuan action, "Internet plus government services and Tianfu quality management award. The meeting adopted the principle of "large-scale greening all Sichuan action plan", put forward by 2020 to achieve afforestation coverage rate of 70%, the forest coverage rate of 50%, the forest coverage rate of 40% of the target and key projects, the Yangtze River Corridor afforestation afforestation action action to improve the quality of operations, forest, grassland ecological restoration, ecological management action, action desert forest city construction action green home construction action, action and results of ecological corridor construction and protection actions of 9 key tasks. "Plan" proposed to do incremental, to 2020, completed afforestation 14 million acres, 16 million acres of afforestation; manage the stock, ensure the quantity of not less than 354 million acres of woodland, grassland basic not less than 213 million acres; improve the quality, quality and implementation of forest 20 million acres; release energy, play multiple benefits, promote people to build sharing. The meeting adopted the principle of "Sichuan province to promote the" Internet plus government services to carry out information Huimin pilot plan ", Chengdu, Mianyang, Neijiang clear 3 information Huimin national pilot city this year in the city within the basic realization of government services matters in a number of applications, a window of acceptance, network office, public service matters more than 70% available online handle. In 2017, Chengdu, Mianyang, Neijiang, the initial realization of government services of cross regional, cross sectoral, cross level "one application, a window of acceptance, network office, public service matters more than 80% can apply online. The meeting adopted the principle of "selection" measures for the administration of Sichuan province Tianfu quality award, Tianfu quality award mainly awarded the quality management effectiveness, economic benefits and social benefits in a leading position in the province, made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development in the province, with the benchmark model for organization and personal use. Tianfu Tianfu quality award set quality award, quality award nomination and Tianfu Tianfu craftsman Award three awards, the implementation of dynamic management system. The meeting adopted the principle of "Sichuan natural disaster relief emergency plan (Revised Draft)". The arrangements for the meeting on the work during the National Day holiday and a period of time in the future work, stressed the need to continue to strengthen flood control measures, strengthen risk investigation and monitoring of geological disasters and emergency and disaster risk etc.. Strict requirements for safe production, strengthen production safety inspection, to eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, especially for the key industries of land and water transportation, tourist attractions and areas to focus on supervision, to ensure that no major accidents occurred. To strengthen food safety supervision, to ensure that the people at ease consumption. All localities and departments to implement the layers of responsibility, emergency preparedness, and strictly implement the 24 hours on duty on duty system, strengthen the inspection, found the problem of serious accountability, do everything possible to ensure that the National Day period of social stability, protect the safety of comfortable holiday. The meeting also studied相关的主题文章: