Sick woman living alone at night in the corridor get noise frightened

Sick woman living alone at night in the corridor get noise frightened neighbors every night, suddenly bursts of "bang bang" sound in the corridor. Through the spyhole look out an unkempt woman standing in the corridor, and automatic speaking, sometimes buried crying. After the corridor lights go out, came the "bang bang" sound, lights, the scene is still…… I believe many people will be scared to death this scene. But this scene for half a month every night in the booming town prosperous Lijing City District 18 place. To this end, the residents kept looking prosperous town prosperous community, I hope the community to think of a way to prosperity. The midnight knock on the 11 corridor frightened neighbors, prosperous communities Secretary Li Shuai called the helpline to reporters, she in the community and the booming Lijing city building 18 residents encountered problems. It’s about half a month ago. At Lijing City 18 residential community to reflect, said the building corridor "haunted". Li Shuai said: "haunted" this thing, community cadres do not believe, the night went to the corridor, sitting in, is certainly a personal. According to residents, residents say, "haunted" events should not live only on the floor. Because the community conducted a home visit in October, when the community cadres to conduct a survey on this floor, several times, knocking on the door no one opened. This is how to return a responsibility? Li Shuai decided to investigate the residents of this building. The original is the sick woman appeared at midnight corridor in late October, Li Shuai with community leaders came to the residential building, found the residents said the "haunted" floor, after knocking at the door no one to open the door. But the knock caused the attention of the residents of the other floors, we have come out about the "haunted" thing. Residents reflect, sometimes go upstairs, you will find a young woman sitting in the corridor, said nothing, but later see disappeared. In all the time to community cadres about all sorts of gossip, an old lady who lived upstairs came out and said: "this is what the haunted ah, that is the floor tenants li!" Then, the old lady came to the haunted house and knocked at the door, while knocking and shouting: "I was upstairs to bring food to you Li Shen, Mike open the door." Hearing the voice of the old lady, the door opened a crack, revealing a dirty face, with a very frightened look at Li Shuai and community cadres. "Don’t be afraid, they are the community, see you." Under the leadership of the old lady, community cadres into the door. The room is very messy, the window glass is broken, the old lady was called "Li" woman hiding in the corner, who spoke to her she did not respond. The old lady said: "her parents are dead, which left her home alone. We couple, every day brought her meal. Because of our friendship, so she can tell me something." "The night in the corridor is not you?" Asked the old lady. Xiao Li said shyly: "my parents’ ‘, scared me, I can not sleep at home." The old lady told Li Shuai about his family, surnamed Li, everybody called her Li Shen. Xiao Li, 33 years old, very poor, at the age of six had a problem, sometimes sober and sometimes confused.相关的主题文章: