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Simply, despite the wind and rain. – Sohu travel dress that is life, wear the show philosophy. With a little reclusion of society ideal, happy and pleased with oneself of wandering in the world, and believe in simple art and natural life aesthetics. The best holiday is to find a few people, back surface water mountain, the natural sleep wake up, listen to all kinds of wonderful things a breath. A few days ago sent a map in the photos, there are mountains and water I have bamboo. Still on the way back to Tianjin from Tianshui she sent two word comments: squeezed. "Squeezed" two word moment makes me laugh, this separated by Qian Shanwan suddenly feel her in the side feel particularly good. Round face is born, it is just the same with their own aesthetic mind, and this is close to the heart of the people around you, at least, pinch up, feel better. Eleven of the holidays, between the mountains and waters to turn around for a few days, feel comfortable. For many years no holiday travel habits, accompany with their parents, it is found in the vicinity of uninhabited land, has never experienced the so-called holiday feeling of traffic queue. Anji, located in the northwest of Zhejiang, the city of Huzhou within the jurisdiction of the county, this place has been established for nearly two thousand years, "Anji" from the name "Book of Songs": Anqieji Xi, nice, I’m not appearance Association, is always regarded as a name of the association. This is the third time or fourth time to Anji, this piece of bamboo and more than 100 million million mu of bamboo, has been haunting, love or not. Starting from Shanghai, into the Huzhou situation, towards the direction of Zhejiang Grand Canyon, which is almost 1.5 of the waste area, because of what I have failed to develop more, but after all the scenic scenic views of not enjoy popular support is not bad, but can not match up. Many people have complained that the holidays like many people and cars in general Paiqichanglong various attractions are overcrowded, actually, but is the herd psychological mischief, failed to see what is for what a holiday. The most beautiful scenery is perhaps in the enclosed area, can be more complacent is actually in the heart. If the heart is not safe, where it is in vain, as visitors to downtown, than the subway road weekdays more very crowded, the holiday is terribly fatigued for the sins. In fact, as long as the change in perspective, few people find landscape was too simple, in fact, the graceful scenery are unknown in a concave well, fortunately, we travel every time there is no direction, as before, you stop, That’s all. Always say, landscape, natural gift, in fact, their relationship with people like them with a mantis a butterfly general appearance, not very special, if not to feel special, but also human beings for their destruction, too much of some of them. In a green lake to eat a meal on the farm lunch, fresh bamboo shoots of lettuce… Taste enough fragrance and then have to follow the flow, a flowing stream stopped flowing, but the gap is not big, socks off playing in the water. Favorite water dad also like a child, the legs rolled above his knees, in stone相关的主题文章: