Six executives leave the music as the future of Faraday also have a future it

Six executives leave the music as the future of Faraday also have a future it? Faraday electric concept car future Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 30th news, according to foreign media reports, because behind the shadow of the future Faraday LETV, the startup is very high in the domestic attention. However, in recent months, the company has six executives have left, which for the future of Faraday cast a shadow over the future. This part of the executives involved in the legal, financial, strategic, public relations and government affairs and other departments. Faraday in the latest statement of the six executives expressed regret that the resignation, but they said the company has found new recruits to fill these vacancies. Electric car market competition is fierce, the competition for talent is beyond the imagination of the outside world. The company is growing rapidly in recent years, this proud, recently we also from Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari and other manufacturers introduced a lot of new talent, the fresh blood will greatly enhance the future strength of Faraday. Although the recent departure, but compared with industry standards, the company’s turnover rate is still quite low. Now, our main goal is to launch the company’s first production model as soon as possible." Faraday wrote in a statement. Though the music now has its own electric car project, but Faraday Jia Yueting is the future in the field of the first investment. At the same time, the two companies have set up a research and development center in California, and their goal is also in the electric car market and Tesla a higher. Unfortunately, the bouncing haze has been accompanied by them, in the United States of the conference, Jia Yueting’s concept car can’t even open the booth. And Faraday in the future, due to the arrears of the project, they are facing a shutdown in Nevada factory. Faraday Nevada future renderings, however, these are just the most recent setbacks. Previously, Faraday had promised to release a new car on this year’s CES, but in fact they only brought a concept car. And a Faraday ahead of former executives said, this car did not run up the concept car or Faraday future $2 million put all sorts of things together. In the United States as the press conference, Jia Yueting is once again made a commitment, the future of the production car will be born next year’s CES. This series of events also corresponds to the "Guardian" reported earlier, the two companies have differences, Faraday’s future operation has become more and more difficult. In fact, Faraday started in the future is not very smooth, because they face a serious cultural conflict. At first, the company wanted to name the music as "Fara Faro", but Faraday’s future executives do not agree, because in the United States, this is a stupid name. For Faraday’s future, a fully international team with China does not understand the leadership of the United States and the automotive market, it is difficult. Mr Faraday, who has won several hundred million dollars in tax incentives in the future, is now hoping to tap into the California government. However, due to repeated delays in the program, many people in the industry have a negative attitude towards their future. Regardless of the reasons for the resignation of Faraday’s six executives for the future, we can feel from the new public相关的主题文章: