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Advertising Social Networking is a popular term among every internet user nowadays. Started from simple networking between mates from same school or workplace, it has been transformed into a medium connecting huge network of businesses or professionals from different niche of business. Therefore, nowadays webmasters are using social networking as a powerful tool in online marketing of their products or services. Social Networks The Pool of Potential Customers Social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn are undoubtedly very much helpful in increasing business connections. If used strategically, they can change the overall scenario for any business. There are people from all industry segment and geographic area on these social networks. Their reach is in every household. They have be.e a part of modern lifestyle for almost every .puter literate person. Therefore, there are immense possibilities of marketing of any product or service segment on social networks. Social Network A Powerful PR Tool Social network are a powerful tool to build PR for any kind of business. There are several examples of success of business ventures through Facebook marketing. Nowadays, Facebook marketing has be.e a sub segment of every online promotion campaign. No campaign is .plete without targeted marketing on Facebook and Twitter. Their importance in building PR cannot be overlooked. Facebook and MySpace collectively .prise more than 70% of social networkers that contains professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs as well as individuals. That means it is a place where one can look for the potential business partners as well as customers. They are also a place to assess the needs and changing trends in a particular niche business. Social Networks – Creating Business Leads Facebook offers the facility of Fan Pages as well as real time chat with people in friend list. So, if someone has made a successful network of thousands of people with similar interests towards a specific niche; he or she may have fruitful encounter with people looking for the products or services exactly on offer by the organization owning that Fan Page or profile. One can put promotional messages about their organization, its products and services. Everyone in friend list can see those frequent updates. Later, using Facebook chat, product manufacturers or service provider can have a chat with interested people in order to convince them further. It is always advisable to connect Facebook Account with Twitter, so that messages posted in any of the accounts be.e visible at both places. Social .works are being used by expert webmasters for creating leads for their business. Some of the most used social .works like Facebook provide several helpful tools which makes online promotion campaigns more powerful. Anyone can use social .working as new sales leads generation tool for their business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: