SONY as a new target for Wang Jianlin Wanda will invest heavily in SONY film

SONY as a new target for Wang Jianlin? Wanda will batch voted SONY video article / Xu Wenmiao moves around in the international film market Wanda Group, plans to invest in the film one way open doors in Hollywood. September 22nd, Wanda Group and SONY Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group announced a strategic cooperation. SONY film and television in the future will be open to Wanda SONY film production equity investment, and strive to allow the film to show Chinese elements. SONY is one of the six Hollywood film production company, has produced "Stuart Little", "Spider Man", "Casino Royale" and other popular films. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin has repeatedly expressed in public interest in Hollywood six. In an interview with CCTV "dialogue" program, Wang Jianlin said in the first choice of acquisition targets, he saw that the Hollywood "big six", Wang Jianlin said: "but they don’t sell me, yet he can trust to sell your degree." In August 2016, Wang Jianlin in an interview with the Reuters, announced the acquisition of the two non production companies, the two transactions will be more than $1 billion in value. Wang Jianlin shouted again six studios, said "my goal is to buy the Hollywood company, and their skills and abilities into Chinese." In January this year, Wanda spend $3 billion 500 million acquisition of a controlling stake in the U.S. company legendary pictures, which has become the first big Hollywood film company China enterprise. Compared to the Hollywood and the "big six", legendary pictures through private equity funds invested in the film assorted cold dishes operation way and the lack of core IP become the Wanda overseas trading dispute whether accounting. Peking University Cultural Industry Research Institute Vice President Chen Shaofeng of Tencent Finance said, legendary pictures through a private equity fund investment relative to the Hollywood movies assorted cold dishes, six, for the film production system in co.. For this cooperation with SONY, Wanda cultural industry group senior vice president of international division CEO Jack Gao said: "as the global film industry continued rapid development, Wanda will seek more strategic cooperation and content production company, in good yields, we seek to establish closer ties with the occasion of the leading media company. The transaction of our global strategy to play entertainment." More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: