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SONY on the development of PS two VR game studio layoffs SONY has said that although the prospects of VR unlimited, but the water is too deep, they are not allowed to touch everyone’s needs. And recently, SONY’s two VR game development studio for a wave of layoffs, which sparked concerns from the foreign media: not yet started fighting it, how to give people to open? Last week, when SONY announced on the London and San Diego studios layoffs, we again see the side of the game industry’s most brutal. Today, the layoffs in most areas are regrettable, but there are a number of complex factors that make these layoffs become very troublesome. SONY layoffs of two of its first VR game development studio, SONY is given so that the developers (the exact number is unknown) reasons for leaving, here is the reasons for layoffs gives two official statement: "the London studio made a very good job in the research and development of VR, with the first project is nearing completion, when planning a VR project. The team will continue to develop with all the things they have learned, but in order to achieve greater goals, the studio will need to be restructured according to the needs of the new project." As for the Santiago studio, "as the project is completed, it is natural to look at and restructure the team based on current and future needs. We want to leave the team members have a good future, to their contribution to the PlayStation to express my heartfelt thanks". According to the English language, SONY’s London studio statement can be summed up in one sentence, that is’ doing great, you were fired’. Santiago studio statement is similar, but not even the first half of the sentence, for a developer, it is difficult to say which sounds worse. In the case of London studio, explore cutting-edge technology PlayStation VR Worlds game developers in the team, they will show the VR can realize the dynamic sensing of Wii like Sports in that role with Nintendo handle five games. The project will be released in October 13th and SONY’s PS VR helmet. But these developers, SONY recognized them "to do a very good job, and in order to these projects must also put a very long time, but it was also not to experience their games before leaving. SONY did not disclose what the specific project of Santiago studio to do, just to confirm the "MLB:The Show" series is not possible, the rest of the project only GAAS style games, such as "killing blood (Kill Strain)", or other VR projects, because the studio main pipe at the beginning of the year has hinted that the San Diego team to participate in a wide range the VR project. The concern is that these initiatives SONY exactly what kind of change for their confidence in the PSVR, but even more disturbing is that a phenomenal success game company for their employees will be discarded after use, and this has been associated with.相关的主题文章: