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UnCategorized I was visiting my son in the San Francisco area during football season, and we decided to go to a sports bar to watch the game between Oakland and Denver, which used to be a huge rivalry. We went a bit early, not knowing if it would be crowded to get a table for some of his friends near one of the three televisions. He brought his darts. Most sports bars have a dart board for patrons to have tournaments but they are not held on football day, people just play for fun. There was also a Foosball table and two pool tables. On each table was a bowl of beer nuts for the patrons to enjoy. We settled in as one of his friends arrived, and they took out their darts. Serious dart players always own their own darts and never play with the ones provided at the bar. They each ordered a beer on tap, there were several. They shot one dart game laughing at each other and then came back to the table to order some food. Most sports bars have a grill and have special menus for football game day. My son ordered a Reuben, his friend a cheeseburger, and I had the special fish and chips. More people arrived as game time approached, and some laughingly made small side bets, a drink or a few dollars. Some played Foosball and others also shot darts as we ate and prepared to watch the game. I will not go into details about that game, but Denver won much to the chagrin of most patrons. I kept quiet because I was in enemy territory, but I did smile a lot. My son is not a fan of either team, he likes Green Bay so it really made no difference to him. Talk turned to strategies and who had the best quarterback of all and who would go to and win the super bowl. We differed on the quarterback. I thought Elway was the best and he voted for Favre, and in truth both were excellent. Sometimes it .es down to last minute plays, and Elway was the best at that when he was still playing, throwing "Hail Mary’s" in the last few seconds to connect with a receiver far down the field for a touch down. The patrons started leaving and the bartender and wait people started cleaning up tables, so we decided it was time and walked out all together into the late afternoon cool sun. We had walked to the bar and had not had much to drink so we decided to visit a nearby park before going back to his apartment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: