State owned enterprises switched jobs and worked as police! She is 30 years old, why

State owned enterprises switched jobs and worked as police! She is 30 years old, why "abusive" Hu Zhenzhen, female, born in October 1984, in July 2007 October 2013, through the social recruitment into the coastal city public security bureau, the police station police office along the Yangtze river. When she entered the public security year, she was almost 30 years old, many friends and relatives did not understand: the pressure of public security work is so large, originally in the state-owned enterprises do well, why do you fight like this? And then everything has to start from scratch. Some people even do not agree: do office work is trivial, is the official police? In this regard, Hu Zhenzhen always likes to say with a smile: "in the greenhouse to get used to, the heart is easy to stir.". If every woman is a flower, I would rather be a stubborn horse orchid than a wild rose." Hu Zhenzhen and the Duoma orchid, always have three hearts in fury: loyalty, perseverance, sincerity. A faithful do not forget, in the face of difficulties and difficulties just engaged in police office work of that time, Hu Zhenzhen also admits that she does not meet. The police station every day there is always this kind of thing, inside is like a handyman, to do all the police, auxiliary police and co related jobs. The network is broken, must first own analysis is a power outage or equipment failure, to find a professional person to maintain, often in the room stuffy people were soaked with sweat; the lamp is broken, but also learn to identify various parts of tube type, or go to the market is only anxious; sewer plug, not found to repair, only crustily skin of holding tools. These are before Hu Zhenzhen never think of that would do the "dirty work", but she never complained called tired, but do not regret the choice from the police. She said: "compared to ancestors, we have been too happy, Grandpa was a veteran of the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, but unfortunately passed away very early.". I’m living in a tall building that he hasn’t seen, riding on a car he hasn’t enjoyed, and why do I have to shrink when society needs me?" A star to learn, work at the face of abusive police business due to the lack of enough knowledge and experience, whether it is reporting information or statements, written materials, beginning Hu Zhenzhen are powerless, propaganda work is a layman. In order to adapt to the work as soon as possible, Hu Zhenzhen often to other excellent office apprentice, use the break time to work overtime, straighten out the line of work, explore techniques, detailed notes. In the event of unexpected events or other business units to contact work, she was good reception, while more closely concerned, do not let any opportunity to learn, even if these are not in front of the "job". Every time there was a unified action, everyone else in the office went away, and Hu Zhenzhen was still in the office, counting the data and sorting out the equipment. Publicity work can not be written during the day, bring home at night to grind, often nest weekend reading at home, newspapers, accumulate material. It is these bits and pieces of effort, let Hu Zhenzhen as after the rain dew, in the backward improvement, step by step growth. Now, in the river police station inside this post, Hu Zhenzhen has worked for nearly three years, before the transfer of personnel scattered in the corner of the case records were arranged in good order to avoid finishing her, historical record check!