Stay inside the car to move the car was a strange boy students harassed a

The beauty of the car left Norwegian car phone was strange boys harassed a week by "temporary stop, please, move the car phone ###, thank you!" For the convenience of the map, many owners accustomed to place a plate in front of the windshield. In October 30th, live Lily villas of Ms. Miao call the newspaper, tells the story of a Norwegian car phone due to stay in the car, called "strange man" for a whole week encounter harassment. According to Ms. Miao recalled, at noon on October 22nd, she was driving with friends to a nearby hotel dining caimanjie, because the hotel near the parking is full, it will be parked in the restaurant at the entrance side. The road near the parking is relatively narrow, I am worried that hinder others, they put the car license plate in front of the window." Ms. Miao said, in the car to leave the phone, to facilitate others to contact her car. After dinner, Ms. Miao drove back to the unit, just into the office, received a strange phone. Answer, the phone came to the strange man’s voice: "Hello, beauty, make friends, right?" Ms. Miao Leng for a while, decisive hang. I thought it was over. Let Ms. Miao unexpectedly, after every two or three days will always receive harassing phone number into different strange. "Do not be afraid of a friend is a matter of urgency, followed by strangers." Ms. Miao reluctantly said that these strange numbers are different men call. "Strange man" not only telephone harassment Ms. Miao, but also know what style she opened the car, the phone has repeatedly asked Ms. Miao income and family information, including some frivolous speech. "One time I picked up a strange phone, the other side inadvertently say, from my car to see the phone." Ms. Miao that this week see light suddenly, the original "trouble", are moved from the license plate. (reporter Liu Xiaoying)相关的主题文章: