Steps For A Successful Astral

Spirituality I would like to share some thoughts I have about astral projection in general and about some specific steps you can take to train yourself in the art of astral projection. I called it an art form because it is a challenge to undertake and there are some skills to get familiar with in the process. In the end if you stick with it for a little while you will be happy you did because projecting is an amazing experience! At worst you have an amazing experience .parable to the matrix or other SCI-FI movies. You know an incredible imagination that feels real and your conscious through it. Or you are experiencing spiritual phenomenon. This depends on whether you believe that out of body experiences are real or not. Once you have some experience practicing them I would say you will draw your own conclusions on this. Make sure you have a good area that will suit your needs for practicing in. You will practice meditating in this room. Getting decent at meditating is important and really helps. You want to try to get into a deep trance in the beginner. More advanced practtioners can get out of body in a lighter trance but this take a lot of practice and dedication. One good way in the beginning if your meditation skills aren’t strong enough to bring you into a deep trans where your mind is asleep and your bodies awake. You can meditate while trying to nap. This way you will go in and out of consciousness. If you can stay focused on what your meditation focus is whether it is breathing, a word, a chant, audio just stay focused. You will start feeling like your getting heavier and heavier. Eventually you will get an exit cue. An exit cue is a sign that your ready to do what is known as an exit technique. There are various exit techniques. some of the popular ones you can look up are the rope, the roll out, the ladder. When you execute a successful exit technique you will be out of body where you will be able to explore. In the beginning only stay out a short time. This will help you remember the experience. You are in a state between sleeping and being awake so it’s easy to fall asleep and if you do you will most likely even the most amazing experience. Don’t be alarmed by lack of site or difficulty moving, if this happens you can move yourself or will yourself back into your body and try another exit immediately. Sometimes the second exit will solve the problem. Explore and have the time of your life! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: