Stow Kopf! Blizzard Carnival announced new commander in cooperative

Stow Kopf! BlizzCon announced cooperation task of the new commander of the Beijing time BlizzCon November 5, 2016 scene, the task model 2 Demo area cooperation StarCraft, found the new commander Stoker J. And in just the Blizzcon conference site, CEO Maikemohan Blizzard officially announced the StarCraft 2 new cooperation mission commander Stow Kopf’s arrival, basically can be sure he is the queen of blades, Kerrigan, insect mother zagara evolution management guru Abasse, is also a Zerg commander. Stow Kopf on-line time for the end of this year. At the same time, Blizzard finally also revealed that the number of participating in cooperative tasks have been multiplayer and ladder   so, blizzard in the content development will be expanded in the future cooperation task. It is now known that Stow Kopf will continue to enter into a cooperative model with an infected person, since he is an infected half human, so he contains the mechanisms of the two races. This Tuokefu tank can rely on deadly tentacles to attack, but can also be loaded with explosive infected infantry! He can also produce infected nests and produce a large number of troops to destroy the enemy’s defenses. Even his bunker can rise up for their owners in combat. New cooperative mission commander Stow Kopf introduction video:相关的主题文章: