Strict management team, remediation of black light — the real rule of Law —

Strict management team, remediation of black light — the real rule of Law — "director of the Xi’an city Yanliang District Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee and the first discipline inspection, Wang Dongsheng, by taking advantage of his position, in the case of self serving, can not perform their duties properly, resulting in major violations of the law is not found in time, one year probation, subject to administrative demotion. As deputy director, and removed from the discipline inspection and supervision system." Xi’an City Commission for Discipline Inspection in Shaanxi recently launched the politics, discipline, turn style special education mobilization meeting, informed of this occurred in the discipline inspection cadres around the case. It is understood that since the special education, the working efficiency is improved, the relevant discipline inspection and supervision department of Xi’an Municipal Committee inspection group transfer of 83 clues to problems, with only a month gone through 79. Whether do human case, report the implementation of the system is not strict, "act" and "cutting edges and play"? Xi’an City Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres of discipline inspection and sums up the problems and control requirements of the list of issues, identify their own shortcomings, uncovering 105 problems, develop corrective measures 92. Revealing problems unflinchingly, straightforward, carry out criticism and self-criticism very spicy, people sweating cop!" This is to participate in special education in the life of the organization will be the general feelings of cadres. Strict education management team is endless, to avoid a gust of wind ‘go through the motions’ to promote the institutionalization of discipline inspection and supervision organs of their own construction, normalization." Xi’an Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, said Yang Xin. It is reported that the Xi’an Municipal Commission recently issued "on the provisions of the violation of discipline intervention review behavior report and record (Trial)", to inquire about the case, the discipline inspection cadres encountered intercede, report is not timely, and not from the newspaper, the implementation of "Scar" and "responsibility". At the same time, also established 19 systems to improve the style, internal supervision, supervision of the implementation. "People’s Daily" (November 28, 2016 11 Edition) (commissioning editor Li Nannan and Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: