Strong earthquake 8 year old girl with her arm to protect her sister died for 16 hours-webquest

8 year old girl with a strong sense of arm to protect his sister himself killed 16 hours of original title: foreign media: Italy earthquake collapse eight years old girl where sister Reference News Network August 27 foreign media reported that the Italy earthquake, the roof falling 8 year old girl saved the girl. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" website reported on August 25th, when the world collapsed, Julia · Rinaldi is her sister gjorgji together, sleeping quietly in the river Tronto Pescara village home in the bedroom. 24 am, when the walls and the ceiling shook and began to crack and fall, the 8 year old Julia and her sister, who had no time to rush out of the home of the age of 4. In the middle of the epicenter of the earthquake in Italy, the village, and there are no adults to help, in the rubble of the fall, Julia rushed to the little sister’s body, with arms to protect her. They were trapped for 16 hours. The little hero gjorgji escaped unscathed. But that was the last thing Julia could do in his life. Julia’s aunt, 34 year old Fran Szymborska · Ciriani said: "the fireman told us that when they found a girl, Julia was lying on the girl body, in order to protect her sister gave her life." Source: Reference News Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: