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Subaru forest people raise fares cheaper than Ford maverick? Sohu – car Subaru car has been in control and safety for talking about Subaru, more reminiscent of "horizontally opposed engine" symmetrical full time four wheel drive "the one and only these technology. The car is a good car, can be used as imported cars, but some of them worry that consumers the cost of expensive Subaru customer service, in the DearAuto exchange group also has a lot of friends on the Subaru customer service consulting car costs etc.. To this end, I have contacted the Guangzhou Phoenix with a Subaru dealer, you count those things Subaru car. Daily car maintenance costs include three main parts: maintenance, maintenance and insurance. Maintenance costs, with 2013 forest 2.0T automatic navigation edition as an example. Every 5000 km maintenance, the first free. Only the replacement of oil and machine filter small maintenance, including the cost of working hours is 684 yuan. Every ten thousand kilometers a replacement air filter, replacement once every twenty thousand kilometers every thirty thousand kilometers to replace the air filter, a brake oil replacement once every forty thousand kilometers gearbox oil, every sixty thousand kilometers to replace gasoline filters and spark plugs. People use Subaru forest 100 thousand kilometers, in the regular maintenance of a total cost of 20360 yuan; and also equipped with 2.0T Volkswagen Tiguan four-wheel drive version of 18662 yuan; Ford: 2.0T four-wheel drive version of 24802 yuan. Subaru legacy 2.0T uses 100 thousand km after routine maintenance at a total cost of 19694 yuan to 20148 yuan; Buick 2.0T; Ford Mondeo 2.0T to 20397 yuan. In general, Subaru with the daily maintenance costs and other joint venture brands are almost the same, the price is reasonable, the maintenance cost is? The price with the brand models are low, but because Subaru is all imported spare parts, and because the car prices monopoly supply because consumers do not worry about maintenance buy defective or copycat goods. General vehicle accidents, resulting in maintenance costs borne by the insurance company, so the insurance company will be very concerned about the maintenance costs. Some time ago, China Insurance Association and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, jointly issued the car zero integer ratio 100 index. The so-called zero integer ratio is the ratio of market of vehicle spare parts and vehicle sales price and price, buy zero ratio means that the subsequent use of the models to pay relatively high maintenance costs. The most common understanding is that Beijing Benz C level W204 of the whole vehicle accessories than zero to 706.14%, all parts of the cost of replacement to buy 7 new cars. More importantly, from the beginning of last year, the car insurance cost calculation formula has changed. That is simple, after the insurance fee is with zero integer ratio and the rate of danger. Zero integer ratio and the higher the number of danger, the more insurance fee. The report published the one hundred representative models than zero, the 2012 Subaru forest:相关的主题文章: