Subsidies for new energy vehicles how to make up a large area of cheating is not a secret

Subsidies for new energy vehicles how to fill a large area of fraud is not a secret not only to buy some models cheaper, manufacturers can even achieve zero cost and even negative cost production. And in such a subsidy under the strength of the "cheat fill" has become a fool can think of a way to get rich. In the first two days in Tianjin at the 2016 China auto industry development (TEDA) International Forum, officials said the Ministry of finance, the financial subsidy policy of China’s new energy automotive industry market cultivation and played a major role in the development and growth, the future will gradually increase subsidies for technical threshold, blocked cheat up loopholes, to explore the development of the long-term mechanism of market-oriented industry. This expression conveys two meanings: first, subsidies for new energy vehicles will continue. Two, for the new energy automotive industry, a large area of cheat fill, the relevant aspects is clearly very clear. China’s financial subsidies for new energy vehicles began in 2010. That year, Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hefei, Hangzhou 5 cities to start subsidies pilot, pure electric passenger car subsidy of up to 60 thousand yuan per. 2013 ~2015, a new round of subsidies continue to expand the scope of the expansion of Beijing, Tianjin, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions, the highest subsidy is still pure electric passenger car 60 thousand yuan. What is the power of subsidies? Standing on the side of the road will be able to clearly see. Subsidies before electric cars on the street are numbered, 2009 production and sales volume of less than 500 vehicles. Subsidies, electric cars formed almost meet as equals and conventional gasoline vehicles potential. 2015 the economic situation is not good, but the new energy vehicles have a hot market. The cumulative production of new energy vehicles 379 thousand, an increase of 4 times compared with 2014. 2016 is still a continuation of the hot market, only in January ~7 month sales reached 207 thousand, an increase of 122.8% over the same period last year. Just a few years, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of new energy vehicles. This momentum, it makes some raspberry. Just this development momentum, some people is not practical. A few days ago, there is an article in the circle of friends of WeChat, cited a variety of problems in the new energy vehicles. I am a non professional, technical aspects have nothing to do, but I do know that in the new energy vehicles in this circle, a large area of the "cheat fill" is not a secret, is almost the open. Last year, the data said, 10 months of 2015, there are nearly double the gap between sales and the registration of new energy vehicles, up to 70 thousand units of new energy vehicles sold, was missing. Such a big hole, in fact it may not be so hard to understand. National industrial policy to encourage the development of new energy vehicles, to become a place to compete for new energy vehicles. In order to compete, all over the country have also introduced their own subsidy policies, many places in the country’s financial subsidies, but also in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 subsidy. As a result, some models are not only cheaper to buy, manufacturers can even achieve zero cost and even negative cost production. And in such a subsidy under the strength of the "cheat fill" has become a fool can think of a way to get rich. Some time ago, sources said that the new energy steam相关的主题文章: