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In February 22nd the yen institutions view summary (sub city) NZGFT board after the mid Foote USDJPY fell from February 11th has been around 110.90 lows without adjustment, is conducive to the further decline in the next start. From the hourly chart trend, the dollar yen to fall within the range in effect under the average system suppression operation pattern, short-term support at 112.25 was oversold rebound, the rebound is expected to meet resistance near 113.80 within the range of the pattern continues. Short line resistance 114. Invest on Friday oil prices and global stock markets generally lower risk sentiment continued to pressure the market cooling, the yen currency hedging continue to benefit from the yen further down to below $113 mark. Since last month, the Bank of Japan announced the implementation of negative interest rates, the yen fell not but all the way soared to more than a year high, and this is not willing to see the scene, or forcing it to intervene in the market outlook, investors need to guard against. However, the risk aversion may still help the yen rise as the global economy slows down and financial markets remain volatile. Focus on global market sentiment today. To maintain the exchange rate fell, the daily chart shows the recent exchange rate is the recent rise in finishing the extremely oversold index. RSI index south, near 30, kinetic energy slightly north, not to action energy. The chart below shows 100 and 200SMA in the south, far above the current price. The 4 hour chart shows that the south is in the negative area, and the moving average is accelerating downwards, but at the top of the current price. If the exchange rate fell below 112.10, the exchange rate is expected to test 111, and even will continue to fall to 110. Support position: 112.90, 112.50, 112.10 resistance position: 113.35, 113.70, 114, enter Sina Finance and economics stock

2月22日日元机构观点汇总(亚市)   NZGFT登富特   美元 日元经过中期的下跌之后,从2月11日至今一直围绕110.90低点无力度调整,有利于接下来跌势的进一步展开。从小时图走势来看,美元 日元在均线系统的压制作用下以区间内下落格局运行,短线在112.25获支撑超跌反弹,预计反弹到113.80附近遇阻区间内向下格局延续。短线阻力114.00。   兴业投资   上周五油价回落及全球股市普遍走低持续打压市场风险情绪降温,避险货币日元继续从中获益,美元 日元进一步下行至113.0关口下方。自上月日本央行宣布实施负利率以来,日元不跌反而一路暴涨至一年多高点,而这并非该行乐意看到的场面,或迫使其在后市出手干预,投资者需警惕。不过,在全球经济放缓及金融市场依然震荡的情况下,由此而引发的避险情绪仍可能扶助日元升势。今日关注全球市场情绪变化。   汇价维持下跌,日图显示近期汇价近期上涨是在整理极度超卖指标。RSI指标朝南,处在30附近,动能略朝北,未现向行动能。日图显示100和200SMA朝南,处在现价远上方。4小时图显示技术指标朝南,处在消极区域,均线加速向下,但维持在现价上方。若汇价跌破112.10,汇价有望测试111.00,甚至将延续跌至110.00。   支撑位:112.90 112.50 112.10   阻力位:113.35 113.70 114.0 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: