Sun Nan farewell MV first pass the strength of family warmth-noiseware

Sun Nan "farewell" MV first pass the strength of family warmth Sun Nan Sina entertainment news the day before, led by Sun Nan [micro-blog], Mao Amin, Han Hong, Tan Jing and many other [micro-blog] singer jointly launched the first public album "Xuetangyuege", will be successfully held in Xuzhou at the public. Following the first hit songs "farewell" after the launch in August 30th, the official MV version officially released in the whole network, passing warm and beautiful family. Sun Nan color appearance "farewell" MV mirror in Sun Nan’s daily life, with clean, beautiful sound draw out the whole series true and natural story line. Sun Nan character appeared, MV director with a frame camera to record and share with Sun Nan looking at the photos of his daughter moved. The photo either gently Aibo in one’s arms, or high lift will reveal the theme, which is different from the stage, from a gentle, show in life, he as a father and daughter ordinary deep affection. Sun Nan talked about a variety of life full of parting, as a father, he thinks the family can live into your heart, so when speaking with their children’s departure, will be very sad. The warmth and strength of family life is hard to avoid regret, the words of song lyrics in "life is a rare together, leaving only", Sun Nan hope to convey a kind of thinking in a song of the time, with an optimistic attitude to face all this. Also hope to more young parents, a hand holding, hugging, games can help children more than material things grow, even with simple parent-child, will be the most warm journey. Even if the day of departure will come, I hope to leave the children not only miss, but also the strength of the heart, love and courage.相关的主题文章: