Sun Zhigang foster the growth of the characteristics of the dominant industry to ensure that dachiyouxiang

Sun Zhigang: fostering the growth characteristics and advantages of industrial   ensure that poor people out of poverty — stable local leaders — original title: to foster the growth of industries with local advantages to ensure that poor people out of poverty continued to increase stability in October 4th to 7, (Guizhou) survey of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, Shiqian County, Tongren City, Yinjiang province Sun Zhigang deep Autonomous County, Sinan County, Jiangkou county. He stressed the need to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation series of important instructions, in accordance with the central and provincial requirements, adhere to the poverty alleviation as a top priority and the first livelihood projects, fostering the growth of local industries, and promote to promote poverty alleviation poverty relocation, the decision to deploy the implementation to ensure that the small fine falls. Poor people out of poverty, income stability. Development of the industry is the key to the continued increase of the poor people and the stability of poverty alleviation. Sun Zhigang came to the Mu moss tea demonstration garden town in Shiqian County, driven by poor farmers out of poverty to explore the way and tea person in charge, to encourage enterprises to expand the scale of planting around the market demand, leading more and more poor villages and poor households out of poverty. In Yinjiang County, edible yellow fungus modern efficient agricultural demonstration garden, Sun Zhigang listened carefully to the introduction of the development of enterprises, encourage enterprises to choose the right varieties, expand the scale, so that more poor farmers to share the fruits of industrial development. Sinan County Jinyi green agricultural industry came to the company, Sun Zhigang inspected the production workshop and quality inspection center of enterprises, encourage enterprises bigger and stronger, driven by cultivation, employment and other ways to promote more poor people out of poverty and income. Sun Zhigang also inspected the Guizhou Jiangkou County Vatican language industrial company. Tourism poverty alleviation is one of the most important ways to promote and participate in poverty alleviation. Sun Zhigang inspected the Yellow Town of Shiqian County, Yinjiang County Heritage Museum Square, Sinan County wood realignment Zhou salt, Jiangkou County town of Taiping Yunshe village, the field to understand the tourism income poverty situation of the masses. He asked for further improvement of infrastructure and public services, strengthen the red culture, national culture and cultural relics of the mining, sorting and protection, ecological tourism and rich cultural connotation, to create a number of excellent tourist attractions and tourist routes, promote tourism growth spurt. To the mountain tourism as an important path of precise poverty, so that more poor people become participants, beneficiaries of the tourism development, let the beautiful scenery to the mountain people bring Everfount jinshanyinshan. Since last year, the province launched a new round of poverty alleviation by relocation, there have been a lot of poor people moved to a new home, in a new industry, ushered in a new life. In the week to Tunyi Kidd Jiangkou county poverty relocation point, Sun Zhigang carefully check the relocation of archives, asked in detail about the construction of the relocation project cost and banqianhu production and life etc.. Sun Zhigang asked the local government to relocation to do real work to do deep meticulous strict do project planning, design, construction, supervision and inspection work, to further improve the housing living facilities, grassroots cadres should take the lead in trying to live, find and solve problems, to create a livable and comfortable living environment for the relocation of the masses. In the survey, Sun Zhigang stressed that all localities and departments should take the industry out of poverty as the fundamental problem of poverty alleviation, based on the advantages of resources and market demand for the selection of industries and products, strengthen scientific and technological research, upgrading of science and technology相关的主题文章: