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Surface Studio: field experience can be pushed over 28 inch machine Sina Technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of New York giant Microsoft can also be hard. In recent years, the software giant Microsoft in the hardware design by leaps and bounds, especially in the past two generation tablet laptop Surface; lead the trend not only in the Windows PC field, even in the face of Apple Design boasts Mac favorably. October 26th, is the world’s four anniversary of the listing of Surface day, Microsoft choose this day to hold a new conference Surface, both tribute, but also heritage. Today, Microsoft released a new machine in New York Surface Studio, a new generation of Surface Book, as well as new control accessories Surface Dial series of new products. The fifth generation of Surface Pro did not debut, the new Surface Book upgrade in the main processor, graphics card and battery life, so the Surface family’s first machine Studio has become the biggest focus of the conference. Sina science and technology reporter in the United States after the press conference to experience the scene of a 28 inch giant screen integrated machine. First look at the technical specifications of Surface Studio: 28 inch PixelSense screen, supports 10 point touch, resolution 4500× 3000, than the same pixel size 4K TV is 63% higher, the proportion of the 3:2 or Surface screen, the pixel density of 192PPI. Equipped with the sixth generation of Intel core i5 or i7 processor, graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M or GTX 980M 4GB version 2GB version. Memory 8GB, hard disk 1TB. According to Sina Technology in the field of experience, Studio has a metal frame similar to Surface Book but Aluminum Alloy texture, texture, and keyboard and mouse, stylus and new control equipment Surface Dial also maintains the same color, showing a cool silver. In the hardware configuration, Surface Studio is undoubtedly one of the current configuration of the machine. But this is not the biggest selling point of Studio. The 28 inch machine side screen thickness of only 12.5 mm, which is currently one of the thinnest record machine. However, strictly speaking, Surface Studio is actually a combination of mainframe and screen. The screen is extremely thin, because Microsoft is very clever to hide the main hardware in a thin base (32.2 mm). The heavy base is a variety of Studio screen angle adjustment provides a solid foundation. Studio four USB 3 interface, a Mini display interface and SD card slot are set at the back of the base. Although the front looks like, Studio almost no openings, but the actual use of the time will feel inconvenient, plug time may be required.相关的主题文章: