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Taylor and James announced the break, three months of high-profile romance came to an abrupt end [Abstract] it is reported that the reason for the split is hiddleston hoping to high-profile announced romance, with Taylor in the Emmy awards. The mildew refused, saying that private life is a private life, do not want to make their two people’s personal relationships so openly, and finally proposed to break up mold. James Taylor and broke the screenshots after dating photos Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) according to U.S. media "character" confirmed that the 26 year old country singer Taylor · Swift (Taylor Swift) and the 35 year old British actor Tom · Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) three months to formally end the high-profile romance. The magazine quoted insiders as saying: "the two sides are peaceful break up." Mildew and shake Sen has been more than a month did not fit public appearances. July 27th Santa Monica Rocks Hotel date shortly after hiddleston went to Australia’s "Thor: 3" twilight of the gods (Thor: Ragnarok) was reported, between two people across the Pacific Ocean deep. It is reported that in mid August they had a brief reunion. Mold sent a private plane to her boyfriend Rhodes island home, two people quietly for a weekend. In June 15th, Swift and Rhodes hiddleston in the beach of the island’s intimate photos appeared in the network, romance formal exposure. The next few weeks two feelings by leaps and bounds, soon to the parents of the stage. Taylor invited friends and their hiddleston circle to celebrate Independence Day in the United States, but also with him on a private jet traveled to Italy and Australia and other countries all over the world, a high-profile show of affection, the food scattered awfully, outsiders dubbed the SID Swift". Early in May this year, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art charity ball, and Swift hiddleston was photographed dancing with ambiguous interaction, while her boyfriend is the famous DJ Calvin · Harris (Calvin Harris). A former boyfriend after Harris himself believes that he must be green, but "people" they broke up in June 1st exposed the news, many insiders said that Taylor is not cheating. From the beginning, Taylor and James on this feeling tight lipped, but in July, James accepted the "Hollywood reporter" interview officially responded to the questions of conspiracy theory: "the fact is Taylor · Swift and I together, we are very happy. The truth is not public relations hype." The reason why the two broke up, according to the United States Weekly reported that Taylor out of concern for the public image of the emotional brake down. Insider said: "breaking up is her proposed. Tom wants their relationship to be more open, beyond her reach. Taylor knows how to openly show affection by the boycott, but she expressed his concern when Tom is deaf." The news that the highly anticipated new romance so soon the ashes to ashes, let Swift feel very embarrassed, but this is not the first time.相关的主题文章: