Tesla needs to pay $1 billion 700 million to Panasonic battery manufacturing costs winbook

You need to pay $1 billion 700 million to the Tesla battery manufacturing costs associated with the production of Matsushita Panasonic Tesla car battery Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, said in a regulatory filing in the days before Tesla submitted, as of September 30th this year, Tesla needs to pay $1 billion 700 million to the manufacturing costs associated with Matsushita battery. These batteries are produced in Nevada’s Tesla super battery factory. Panasonic is a long-term partner of Tesla automotive batteries, which agreed in 2014 to invest in equipment, machinery and other manufacturing tools in the super battery factory, Tesla Motors for the manufacture of cylindrical lithium ion batteries. Super battery factory costs up to $5 billion, will be put into production by the end of this year. The plant produced by the battery will initially be used on Tesla’s energy products, will be deployed in the car. Panasonic plans to invest $1 billion 600 million for Tesla production battery. As part of the investment in advance, the company has cut its full year profit forecast on Monday. Tesla shares fell 0.8% in early trading on Wednesday, temporarily reported $189.39. As of Tuesday’s close, Tesla shares have fallen about 21% this year. (compile sailing) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: