The 90 graduate posture remains lifted save lives drowning child

The 90 graduate posture remains lifted the original title save lives drowning child sacrifice: 90 of several rescue students "brother" went Chinese youth Intern Liu Zhenxing, youth online reporter Lei Yu source: China Youth Daily (November 13, 2016 04 Edition) these days, Wu Xuemei every hour and moment did not miss their brother Wu – up – the love to sing the big boys, not nice song is always full of sunshine and confidence. A week before the accident to be caught off guard, Wu Xuemei can no longer hear the song brother. The afternoon of November 6th, the 26 year old Wuhan Institute of Technology School of law and economics research two students in Wu rescued a drowning child after the previous in the water to save people in distress who eventually weakened and never aboard, sacrifice remained the lift posture. The day of the incident, Wu to accompany the school from Zimbabwe to the students to visit a reservoir near the city of Chibi in the past, as well as fellow Wu with two junior high school students do English tutoring. According to the villagers recalled, 4 people rowed a small boat in the water near the gate of Hubei Lu, a turn, a child sitting in the stern of the boat accidentally fell into the water, 3 people hurried to rescue drowning child, but more and more far, leaving the ship sinking in critical condition. To take off your clothes and shoes, Wu Da jumped into the water, swam to the water over his head has been no child. More than and 10 minutes of rescue of life and death, Wu was finally tried to drag the kids to the boat, the top of the surface. Two people aboard the ship quickly pulled the boat. But when he was ready to pull him, he never came out again. A moment of death before the arrival of Wu Da, the exhaustion of the body force the students to give up, when folks put his remains were salvaged from the water, he still keeps his hands to lift the child’s posture. Wu Da’s father saw salvage after a few days, the farmers a person to stay in the room in tears, could not eat too can’t sleep sleep. So long, Wu Xuemei saw his father cry for the first time. In the eyes of the people, Wu Da is a good child. On the primary school is the class of three, a stuffed with a drawer. To the University, Wu was always thinking out with no parents to go around, at the beginning of this year, Wu Da finally realized this desire. On the Tiananmen rostrum and parents of the photo, Wu was set up into mobile phone desktop. Today, Wu can no longer open the phone aftertaste that happiness. According to local customs, the morning of the 7 day, Wu was laid to rest. Early in the morning, Wu courtyard was packed, hundreds of people spontaneously came to Wu Da off. Up to the village’s oldest grandfather, down to a few years old baby, we all feel bad Wu, want to give him the last ride." Crying can be heard in nearby villages. When the drowning child and mother to send home to Wu "self sacrifice" banner, two people holding crying into a ball. This is not the first time Wu saved the crisis. In the impression of the villagers, Wu Da was kind, helpful, has saved several people. One summer, 15 year old Xiao Yin and his companions in the river to play, catch fish and shrimp not Shen star相关的主题文章: