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The baby in the kindergarten is not gregarious? Smart Mom does it! – Sohu maternal and child nursery but the baby’s life event, which indicates that the baby began to walk out of the family, to kindergarten this small society. Mom and dad are full of joy, feel the baby opened your life. They found the baby in the kindergarten life isn’t as smooth – YY rabbit baby small tomato membership is the case. Tomato mother said: small tomato was a lively and cheerful, love to love the little girl, but also like to dance to music. Can go to the kindergarten, but like a man, always bored, not to play with the children, do not participate in collective activities, every day to stay in the corner to play their own toys. What’s going on here? In our baby, there’s not a lot of kids like that. Many children even at home is a small "Crazy", to the kindergarten, there may be such a "loner" situation. After all, the baby at home only need to face a few very familiar with the family, as well as up to two or three unfamiliar adult guests. In the kindergarten, he has to face the twenty or thirty and he is as big as a baby, this is the time he really needs social ability moment. However, many parents do not realize that the child’s "social skills" as one of the most important skills in life, but also the need for parents to teach. If you do not get timely guidance, baby may not want to socialize, not social, from near that can easily be ignored, or even hate collective, bullying, produce a series of psychological problems; in the long run, it is also possible for "bad karma" and lost the chance to treasure the future development of life is extremely bad. If you believe that the baby has appeared in such a situation, you must have started to worry — how to do, can improve the baby in the kindergarten situation, let the baby to make friends? Don’t worry, YY rabbit teacher to give you weapon. Parenting! Find the "seed friends" in the kindergarten for the baby, you only need to do this step — the first step: To observe the baby’s classmates in the evening to pick up children, deliberately let the children in the kindergarten play, pay close attention to one or several look approachable, baby and kids do not resent. The second step: to understand the idea of a baby on the way home, and baby easily chat that several children, such as "your class have a plait girl? What’s her name?" if the child and parents trust is good enough, you should chat very happy. At this time, you need to understand the needs of the baby, see how he does not want to socialize, or want to socialize, don’t know the method. If the latter, parents can tell baby how to say, how to do (and better play the role of the form of the game); if the former, you need to gradually understand the child why do not want to contact the original article (social separation anxiety is often the main reason for this, than on the surface of the kindergarten cry for children "the greater the harm, parents need to pay attention). The third step: unlock a new social approach if the child is willing to socialize, but do not know the way,.相关的主题文章: