The beginning of Chinese ink dance — Liu Zhenghong’s Chinese painting exhibition opens in Han Dynas-aizi

Mowu early heart — Liu Zhenghong Chinese painting exhibition opened in Han – Hubei Channel – Wuhan on 30 September, timing September, Jinfeng cool. In September 29th, sponsored by the calligraphy newspaper, the early Chinese ink Dance – Liu Zhenghong Chinese painting exhibition held in Wuhan. Liu Zhenghong, Hubei Hanchuan people, now China Artists Association, Hubei Provincial Federation of professional painters, Hubei province CPPCC members of the book studio, professional painter of Hubei Chinese painting institute. He is a Hubei, the remarkable achievements of contemporary painting have a unique style Chinese painter. In his works, landscape painting as the main body, with a solid lead, in praise of life as the theme, with the implicit implication for the purpose, always put the local deep feelings into words, painstaking exploration of hometown in Jianghan Plain scenery picturesque, at the same time, also shoulder the historical responsibility, on the hot social events, to be Yu depiction of a picture, interesting and meaningful works full of righteousness. The exhibition is divided into "song of righteousness" and "red flower" and "Yi" Hometown "Dabie song" four parts, more than 60 paintings on display, in which to find the course of Liu Zhenghong artistic creation, but also in their minds, to explore contemporary style. It is understood that the exhibition will continue until October 8th. (Wang Yuxing Liu Siyao) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: