The blue chip stock index hit a new high since the fuse dance-queer as folk

The blue chip stock index hit a new high since the fuse with the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city Thursday by overnight and European major stock indexes Pudie dragged down by lower, intraday brokerage, railway infrastructure, debt and other recovery led by the market out of the shock rebound trend and hit a nearly 10 month high, and ultimately the market with small candle to close, volume slightly enlarged. The gem is down. In the atmosphere of the external stock index down, A shares showed a relatively stubborn and anti fall. At the close, the stock index at 3128.94 points, up 0.84%, turnover of 265 billion 820 million yuan, the Shenzhen component index reported 10743.96 points, up 0.48%, turnover of 374 billion 680 million yuan, the gem index reported 2153.18 points, up 0.32%, turnover of 99 billion 369 million yuan, 57 shares (including shares) 0 shares limit, limit, the two cities a total turnover of 640 billion 500 million yuan. A trading day turnover of 548 billion 390 million yuan. Today the stock trading volume for the new breakthroughs, further open up space. Overall, the external market is continuously weakening, A stock Yiqijuechen breakthrough high, once again proved the external impact is relatively limited. And in the economy has stabilized to pick up signs of incipient occasion, with the acceleration of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the Shenzhen on the occasion of the opening, the stock market is still a structural rise, a new high today, stock index and 100 points up space. Recommendations focus on grasping the years best investment opportunities, but the operation need to pay attention to the rhythm, especially for the recent surge in stocks, short-term need Jiancang shipment. We look at today’s technical chart: today, the stock index in the prefix stocks and brokerage sector led the attack again 3140 points, although the index trend is very strong, but the recent strong stocks began to fall from high, that stocks differentiation started, investors should pay attention to transfer positions convertible, to avoid the risk of stock differentiation. Overall, the current market under the line support clear. Shenzhen Tong opened soon, the market shocks to the impact of a new high for the year does not change the pattern of. The current market volume is not enough bull market, investors still need to control positions. We look at today’s gem: the performance of the gem today is still weak, more obvious signs of decline, but investors do not have to worry too much, this candle today has highlighted the stabilized signal, the latter will expand weak shocks. Finally, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two Liangneng together recently hit a new high stage, so late as long as the gem is not down, the shock upstream market point the day and await for it. Since the beginning of the gem has been building a convergence triangle, the short triangle under the serious test. The subject shares slump direct drag on the gem index performance, gem also represents the trend of the subject shares, changes in market sentiment, the trend in the past, the gem and the main board of the trend of strong linkage, not with the gem, the board is very difficult to get out of the independent market, short-term recommendations to focus on trends the gem index, once the gem index Powei motherboard will be affected. Today in internal video [gold] shares will focus on the analysis of the reform of state-owned enterprises investment opportunities, investors can focus on doing. >相关的主题文章: