The box office in the mainland market to pick up the strange doctor rolled

The box office in the mainland market to pick up the "strange doctor" rolled the summit last week (October 31st -11 6) with the Hollywood blockbuster "strange", "Dr. domestic film", "hide and seek a top ten thousand words of" more than 10 film released last week, the national film box office is close to 600 million, 595 million yuan, an increase of nearly 30% over 458 million dollars a week. According to statistics compiled by the film institute, last week’s box office champion, Dr. strange, released in 4, a weekend harvest of 298 million. Ranked second and third are old movies released last week. "Donkey" water this week harvest 73 million 370 thousand ranked second, ranked third in the 43 million 300 thousand "password" dante. Domestic film, only "hide and seek" the harvest of 39 million 130 thousand ranked fourth qualify for the top five, "mechanic 2: Resurrection" remains still in 37 million 980 thousand this week, and then accounted for. The effects of dazzling "strange" Dr. no suspense "strange", the summit week box office box office is expected to impact 700 million absolute advantage summit Marvel’s latest work "doctor" by a singular release on the harvest bumper box office and word of mouth on. In the midnight harvest only 3 million 950 thousand, on Saturday the harvest of 117 million single day box office Sunday also accounted for 81 million 130 thousand. According to this momentum, the film is expected to hit the 700 million mark. In overseas markets this week to continue to stride forward singing militant songs overseas box office, $204 million in the championship standings, swept the world, the global total box office has reached $3.25. The film has also been painted in North America, the current box office exceeded $84 million. In the "doctor" singular strong trend under the Disney film production company in the year 2016 of the global total box office has crossed the $6 billion mark. Become the universal pictures, second of the annual total global box office exceeded $6 billion in the film company. Another new release of imported films "jibixiaoxin" theatrical release at the box office 16 million 330 thousand yuan, ranked seventh, the film is not suitable for young children in the audience, limiting its box office performance. Other terms of imported films, Tom · Hanks’s "Dante code" performance just passable performance this week, or even "water" the donkey, the cumulative box office is only 130 million, the expected final results are only below 150 million. "Mechanic 2: Resurrection" after last week’s box office has exceeded the 300 million mark, the results of this year is also a lot of imports in the 334 million batch of small surprises. DreamWorks Animation Magic Wizard last week, 14 million harvest, the market space is very limited, the total box office can only break through the 50 million mark. "Donkey" fun twist water "donkey" water steady trend trend of good "the Mekong River" the impact of 1 billion 200 million domestic films, "the magic water" beyond the domestic film to become the top box office last week, the film has reached 133 million. Domestic film, directed by Liu Jie’s "Thriller" hide and seek after the release of the 39 million 130 thousand harvest. This is the best performance in the new film. However, according to the trend of development, the movie box office breaking billion is a problem. Other Chinese film box office is not very ideal, a top ten thousand sentences harvest of 10 million 900 thousand.相关的主题文章: