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The Buddha tells the story of honey and the true meaning of life. Why do we always forget about the impermanence of life?. Once, the Buddha told a story to the king of light that a long time ago, a man was wandering in the wilderness, chased by a ferocious elephant. I do not know what to do, confound visitors, just see an empty well, well there is a tree, the visitors grabbed the roots, climbed into the wells to hide them. There were two mice, one white and one black, and they began to gnaw at the root of the tree. Four wells and four snakes are well below the tongue; there is a dragon, is to look up. People fear snakes, and the dragon heart, concerns the mouse cut roots, it is in a nice hobble, at a loss. In this moment of life and death at a crucial moment, bees nest from a tree drops five drops of honey into the mouth, avoid leaning to either side of visitors. All of a sudden forget all the fear of fear, enjoy the sweet honey. At this time, because the trunk shaking, the bees scattered, visitors began stinging. And I do not know where it came from a wildfire burning the tree. Finish the story, and the Buddha said to the king: "Sheng Guang Ming no night very remote wilderness metaphor, metaphor of common people tourists, the elephants metaphor of impermanence, wells and metaphor insurance bank root metaphor lifeblood, black and white mouse mouse bite root metaphor of day and night, every life metaphor in passing, four snakes, water, metaphor fire, wind four, honey, color, name, metaphor rich food, sleep this five kinds of desire, bee stings the evil thought metaphor, metaphor of wildfire diseases of aging and death of the Dragon metaphor. Therefore, the king should understand that life is extremely terrible terrorist, should be vigilant, do not be wealth color name food sleep five desires by oppression." Related reading: translation of "Yi Jing Zang master Buddha said:" as a I have heard that Bhagavan to the garden alone in the room by Doreen Luo Facheng. At that time, the Buddha to the public, to win the king said: "the king of light, I am king of the metaphor, life and death means life, Wang listens, good thoughts. But to the past for eons, when a man, swim in the wilderness, as evil as one by one, go see a terror in empty wells near the tree root, the root, the body well. There are two black and white rats, intermeshing roots; in wells four, there are four snakes, to sting the man; a dragon. Heart fear snakes, fear of broken roots. The roots of honey, five drops into the mouth, bee powder shook the tree, the man under the sting. The fire comes again, and the tree." Wang Yue said: "what is limitless, bitter, and greedy little taste?" The Buddha told said: "the king, the wilderness Yu man who said that night around, Yi Sheng Yu, Xiang Yu impermanence, wells Yu death insurance bank, Yu roots of life, two black and white rats to Yu root metaphor of one day and night, nip out, four to four snake Yu, Yu five for honey bee, Yu Yu old evil thought, the fire dragon, Yu die. Therefore, "the Buddha said: no way Songyue wilderness, people walk Yu man, elephant is impermanent, well known and roots of life on the shore, Yu, two rats with day and night, read four snake root meshing decline, with four, five drops of honey to bee stings than metaphor, the evil thought, as the old fire poison dragon, bitter side of death. The concept of ‘things like disgusting fluid, five heart no, name of free people, no town Ming Hai, often die Wang Ning knows love) drive.相关的主题文章: