The bum bum, why is the heart of young so ruthless-melia kreiling

Fire tramp, young heart why so ruthless Liu Xuesong commentary authors occurred in Guangxi County of Pubei with 3 minors suspected of arson, limit again to refresh the juvenile violence. Arson is the 3 largest after the age of only 14 years old, burning is a beggar for the living of the homeless in the Han Dynasty, is the only one of the people who are living on the basis of begging for a living. The 3 teenagers in the early hours of the morning, when more than 2 are still riding a motorcycle around, met homeless Huang after parking, and took off on a motorcycle gasoline spilled on the tramp body, then put the fire lit. Wait until the fire is too large, 3 and 00 after the flames Hwang who fight. 3 after the fire of a fire after the 00, for the homeless homeless, but it is a puzzling disaster. He suffered serious injuries, being treated in hospital, he is waiting for a more dismal future. For 3 teenagers, at least less than 14 years of age, as far as possible to pat the ass to leave the country, the 2. Their future, there are "minor protection law" to the top. Caused by minor violence, these years showed the trend of more and more young deformity. The teacher is for girls, he is drugged, violent scene in horror films are designed out, again in the China minors who staged. On the one hand, the procuratorial organs of the juvenile suspect not catching rate and not lawsuit rate increased year by year, on the other hand, juvenile delinquency cases across the country all the adults is one of too horrible to look at, let more than a shock. According to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate data released in May this year, 2003 to 2015, there are more than 160 thousand minors suspected of a crime has not been arrested nationwide, more than 5 people have not been prosecuted. China’s campus violence has been rising year by year, of which 70% for revenge crime. These years, proposed many legal scholars, to deal with the criminal law of our country stipulates the crime is not under 14 years of age of criminal responsibility, and made some changes, why is this age restrictions, negative effect produced is more and more obvious. There are minors to commit violent crimes after the statement – anyway, I am less than 14 years old! This, experts in the legal profession sounds there are two diametrically opposite interpretation, one is that such children too precocious, too terrible. The other is that such children are too immature, they should maintain the necessary tolerance, the law should be necessary for them, the fault tolerance rate". However, whether it is public opinion, or the reality of the case, the fault tolerance point of view gives a loud slap in the face. To set fire to this special case, in less than 2 months, there are 2 known cases together, is 13 year old boy to grab a mobile phone poured gasoline burns female teachers, there is this. "Tolerance" is the result of the content is more wrong, innocent people living in increasingly younger age of the minor crime threat environment. This is the reality of China’s legal system for juvenile crime is becoming increasingly apparent. However, for legal authority and dominant mechanism, insist to reduce the age of criminal responsibility, is "contrary to the growth of juvenile law, they believe that this is the whole society of minors" growing phenomenon ", believe that most of the minors in adolescence after"]相关的主题文章: