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The campus renovation loan provisions can degenerate into chaos, "empty" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Zhengzhou September 29th new media news (reporter Wang Shuo) "hand holding their identity card on his chest, holding a mobile phone self timer, then took photos of" credit mortgage "to each other to earn money." Recently, the media exposure of female students "bare lending", set off a great disturbance on the internet. Chaos, repeated campus naked loan crisis, let some students in inextricably bogged down in. For all the campus loan chaos, the relevant departments and some local governments, remediation measures. For example, in April this year, the Ministry of Education jointly issued by the relevant departments "on the strengthening of the campus network lending adverse risk prevention and education to guide the work of the notice"; in August, the CBRC issued a document to emphasize the "stop, shift, integration, teaching," five character principle, requirements for serious rectification on campus loan. Unfortunately, these provisions and measures introduced a few months, similar to the campus net loan chaos is still ongoing. How to make the relevant measures and methods to implement aggressive curb the momentum of campus loan chaos is a pressing matter of the moment. Chaos campus loan, is not required to disclose the relevant interest rate charges, strengthen the loan eligibility review is enough. To effectively regulate the net loan chaos including "campus loan", according to the related regulations and existing chaos, targeted introduction of more specific and more practical matching rules, and strict execution, make measures in place. Do not think the file Everything will be fine. Only pick up the legal weapons, took out the key technology, implement the normalization of supervision, in order to check "bare loan as the representative of the campus credit management regulations to prevent chaos, reduced to a mere scrap of paper".相关的主题文章: