The car line machine layout European high-end market to set up a new network in the first European s-reshacker

Zhongche line machine layout of high-end European market was established in Europe’s subsidiaries – Beijing Beijing in September 28, Changsha (beam Chaojiang Chinese equipment is Lei) actively "go out", the layout of the high-end market in europe. In 27, the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd disclosed that its wholly-owned subsidiary of China machine plant (Europe) limited liability company at 26 pm local time in Austria Vienna inaugurated. Austria Minister of agriculture, water conservancy, environmental Andr? Dr. Rupprechter, vice chairman of the Austria chamber of Commerce, national MP Dr ChristophMatznetter, Vienna 22 district mayor Mr. ErnstNevrivy, Chinese ambassador to Austria Li Xiaosi and Zhongche zelc chairman and general manager Zhou Qing and in Europe, and in business, government, academia representatives the opening ceremony. Zhou Qing and said that Europe is a subsidiary of Zhongche zelc specifically for the European market was set up, will bring the solution to traffic system differences, with green, smart and zero emissions of innovative products and services that make Europe the sky bluer, the water clearer, showing not the same machine, car plant not the same as to Europe China made. He is looking forward to the European subsidiary here as soon as possible to create a cause, as a bridge between China and European countries and economic and trade exchanges, open a new journey of integration and development of industrial civilization in central europe. Deputy general manager, Zhongche zelc Europe company chairman Dan Yong said, the European subsidiary will be the center of Austria, in Europe to carry out rail transportation product sales, maintenance, consulting and spare parts procurement projects, build international mergers and acquisitions, technical cooperation and the introduction of talent platform for parent company. After opening, Zhongche zelc held a press conference for new products. By China Zhongche, chief expert Zhongche zelc deputy chief engineer Angela Baby introduced to all have the energy storage function of multi system extended range electric locomotive, maglev trains and other high-tech products, innovative products to customers in Europe in the presence of zelc green, intelligence said strong interest. Zhongche zelc and Graz Industrial University, Bochum University signed a cooperation framework agreement, both sides will be in the project research, technology development and personnel exchanges to carry out further cooperation; agile and fast iron company (English Creole name LEOExpress) signed a new EMU procurement framework cooperation agreement. It is understood that, as of now, the car line machine overseas orders accumulated more than 32 billion yuan, covering Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and other 13 countries and regions. (end)相关的主题文章: